Simple Integration of UserLike Live Chat Software SMS Add-On

In an online world, speed is king. From overnight shipping to instant support on your order delivery, your customers want to know about everything. No, matter what kind of enterprise you’re running, customers are always a key! And we always dream to offer them good products and services to earn a large chunk of profit. So, for better communication and business growth, we provide SMS addon for UserLike marketing services. A UserLike user can send promotional messages & transactional messages to their website/applications on predefined actions.

Your customers are the ones who spread your brand goodwill in the market to grow your customer base. Many e-commerce platforms are giving live chat support in order to assist people quickly. So in this blog, we also recommend you to integrate our bulk SMS UserLike add-on for text marketing needs! It is very simple, fast and reliable plugin for your business.

1. Create an account at to enjoy the benefits of our gateway interface.

2. Click on the add-ons and select ‘USERLIKE’ plugin then ‘add new’ for more.

3. Create a configuration of given services like Send bulk SMS, Add contacts into Slick CRM, Personalize SMS etc.

”Fill out the necessary credentials to generate its URL for text message marketing”.

4. Go into your UserLike dashboard and click on the ‘’configurationAdd-on Settings- API service action and paste URL in callback URL box.’’

Don’t forget to enable the above-mentioned options like Chat events before updating your settings.

In case, if you have any issue in UserLike SMS plugin integration than free to contact our technical support team. They will guide you simply so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of SMS marketing!

Contact us to get more innovative solutions of our company, MsgClub!

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