SMPP SMS Services makes your SMS Marketing more easier

In the world, where marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of business operations businessmen’s and small & big marketers are in constant search for the right way of communication and advertising. To be a successful man, promotion of any item is important because there are hundreds of your competitors are sitting who’re selling our services and products like you and for this requirement, the advent of bulk SMS marketing will expand your business greatly. If you have a large consumption of text SMS than for the timely delivery one must rely on SMPP server provider.

Do you know what is SMPP?

Its full form is short message peer-to-peer which is used by all kinds of telecommunication industry and aggregators. It is an industry standard protocol that offers a flexible data communication platform for exchanging SMSC, ESME and message centers.

SMPP is generally used to allow third parties to deliver text messages but in high quantity and it may be useful for SMS grouping. It also enables you to send voicemail alerts, WAP messages involving Push messages, USSD messages, and many others. Due to its versatility and support from non-GSM SMS networks, the SMPP server is used for short message exchange outside SS7 networks.

If you’re a bulk SMS aggregator or reseller looking for a secured way than use SMPP client application. SMPP client is useful for adding multiple provider connectivity that means you can add a number of SMPP accounts under a client app. At MsgClub you can get SMPP services in the most reliable and secure manner.

Some of the key features of our SMPP client application are:

Manage as many as SMPP providers- Preview the list of all  SMPP connection providers, check their real-time status, also enable/disable, rebind and delete the SMPPs.

Add SMPP- Add a number of SMPP providers, check all details like sessions, TPS, character set encoding and type of connectivity provided.

Detailed reports- Get the list of all SMS submitted today, DLR received, ACK received, pending delivery report and export them in CSV format.

Provider wise delivery report- List of SMPP provider with all important details like submitted ACK received, DLR received and pending SMSes list.

So, if you want this then you have come to the right place. Now don’t worry about the complications of kannel and open SMPP box with your SMS marketing business let’s have a switch to SMPP India server and concentrate on your targeted customers.  We are the best SMPP service provider in India. Our SMPP is a competent product developed by experienced and skilled team keeping the requirement of overall SMS marketing business.

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