SMS SENDER ID, how to decode it

SMS Sender Id is always a question in every ones mind. Irrespective, of industry you worked on. In today’s era everyone is using mobile phone. So, sending and receiving SMS is very common, fast and adaptive process.   

When we receive SMS, many times instead of Sender’s Mobile no, you see something like LM-MSGCLUB. You would be receiving SMS by this type of sender id from banks, ecommerce industry etc.

Bulk SMS Sender Id is 6 character Identity of the Sender for all SMS. A typical SenderID would like LM-XXXXXX. Sender id is also known as sender identity of Company or brand, through which you used to Send SMS to your customers.

TRAI has categorized SMS in 2 types –

Transactional & Promotional. Sender IDs for both differ.

Transactional Sender IDs are 6 character alphabetic SenderID like LM- CITIBK, LM-GOOGLE.

Promotional Sender IDs are like this VX-587944, VM-565658

For better ROI (Return on Investment),

Keep these points in mind while creating sender id →

  1. Sender ID  must be 6 characters long.
  2. Transactional Sender IDs should be of uppercase alphabets like MSGCLB.
  3. SenderID should resemble only your company name, brand name or trademark.
  4. Special Characters like dot(.),comma(,),underscore(_), hypen(-) etc are not allowed.
  5. Should not try to impersonate any celebrity/company name.
  6. Do not choose commonly used English words or phrases like   “COFFEE” or “SMSFOR”
  7. Do not use other brands or company names like “SMSUNG” or “AIRCEL”
  8. Do not violate someone else’s trademark.

 According to TRAI, all SMS should be sent from a Sender-ID rather than a number. Sender ID is a great way to remind your customer of your brand name, so you should take full advantage of it.

Every SMS we received with sender id, it contain prefix (like VM and AX) which are automatically set by the operator end. The prefix is unpredictable.

Though it is easy to decode sender id’s prefix. These prefixes are meant to inform the recipient about the channel used in delivering the SMS. Typically this information is used to report a NDNC violation.

We always get SMS with Sender ID which begins with 2 Alpha characters prefixed to each and every bulk SMS message.

TRAI has categorized in such a way to identify bulk SMS message and the sender details. By this, operator would easily trace the bulk SMS user.

For example, we receive SMS from our bank, let us take BSNL, when we receive then the sender id would be like this AY-BSNLMP. So, here we are discussing on the first two characters of the sender id, that is AY. A as in Airtel, hence this is a Telecom Operator Code and Y as in Madhya Pradesh, hence this is Regional Code.

We have list of  major Telecom Operator Codes and Regional Codes to understand better. Following table is of Telecom Operator Code.

Operator codes →            

Service Provider Code

Aircel, Dishnet Wireless          D

Airtel                                        A

BSNL                                      B

BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom      L

Datacom Solutions                 C

HFCL Infotel                           H

Idea Cellular                           I

MTNL                                     M

Reliance Communications     R

Reliance Telecom                  E

S tel                                       S

Shyam Telecom                     Y

Spice Telecom                       P

Swan Telecom                       W

Tata Teleservices                   T

Unitech                                  U

Vodafone                               V

State codes that signify the origin of this SMS:

Service Circle Code

Andhra Pradesh             A

Assam                            S

Bihar                               B

Delhi                               D

Gujarat                           G

Haryana                         H

Himachal Pradesh          I 

Jammu & Kashmir         J

Karnataka                      X

Kerala                            L

Kolkata                          K

Madhya Pradesh           Y

Maharashtra                  Z

Mumbai                         M

North East                     N

Orissa                           O

Punjab                          P

Rajasthan                     R

Tamil Nadu                   T

UP-East                        E

UP-West                       W

West Bengal                 V

Impact of SMS received with branded SenderID is more than the SMS received with unknown number. Brand texts with Company name’s Sender ID (with brand) can turn a simple message into a powerful branding tool.

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