Text Messaging Practices For the ”BUSY’’ Accounting Software Users

When used widely, SMS marketing gives extreme results to businesses and offers a great means of communication & relationship development tool for their tax and accounting clients.

Among 90% the text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received! In the year 2016, text SMS marketing deserves serious consideration by every marketer and accountant who wants to stay high in this competitive market.

Busy Accounting Software

Here are some points you should always keep in mind while sending SMS from BUSY software:

Your SMS Should Be Personalized

Make sure your SMS starts with the recipient’s name because it establishes instant credibility in the eyes of receivers telling the message is from someone who knows them, it’s not an unwanted SMS! However, your message will get read immediately.

Your SMS Should Be Relevant

Create relevant content for the recipient. Don’t bombard them with a lot of spam messages to reduce the credibility of your company. Convey or update them with true information, facts, and figures via BUSY Software ‘’SMS Integration’’ with our services.

Your SMS Should Be Timely

Many of the clients come to you to prepare their income tax return file in January while some want to wait until March or April. You will get a little benefit if you start reminding late season clients in January; they might have their papers together. Moreover, the earliest recipients cannot be reminded by you in March as you’re too late. So, every user needs to send messages timely.

You can send the number of messages directly from the bulk SMS API for Busy to get a high delivery status on sent messages.

Standardized Sender ID

Many times accounting companies and shop owners use the shortcode to send messages. So when a creditor, debtor, customer, or client receives text messages from a short code, they think that is coming from a computer. Using shortcode services in BUSY software plays a good role in maintaining client relationships. Hence, every personalized SMS group SMS or bulk SMS should get sent via the company name in the sender ID.

So, If you wish to do SMS integration ‘’BUSY accounting software’’ then you can contact our team members at www.msgclub.net. We also provide SMS integration services to our bulk SMS reseller at a very nominal price.

To use Busy SMS integration you just need to sign on msg.msgclub.net and contact on tech support team on 9406811130.

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