Verified Whatsapp Broadcasting, Chat and API

Get WhatsApp Business Verified which provides Official WhatsApp Business APIs.

Grow your business faster with WhatsApp

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Reach out to your customers with relevant communication to build recall and boost sales. Setup one-time or recurring campaigns Build campaign audiences based on customer attributes & events elevate campaign performance with rich media (images, videos, PDFs, etc.) and interactive message templates like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons send Non-transactional messages (discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, & more) Monitor campaign performance stats like no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to!

Discount & Offers

Share personalized and timely alerts to inform customers about new offers. These communications can yield a lot of conversions. When done via Whatsapp, the impact can be massive. Plan these messages wisely to increase sales!

Back-in-Stock Alerts

Send back-in-stock alerts with clear CTAs to maximize sales opportunities. You could even personalize these alerts for every customer by linking it to their wishlists on your e-store!

Conversation Analytics

Monitor the response & resolution times of your agents to improve your customer experience

Verified Whatsapp

Build a strong brand and grow happy customers with WhatsApp Business API

Reach out to your customers on their favorite channel and spark action with conversational engagement. Narrow the bridge between your brand and customers with personalized conversations and help them make informed decisions.

Enable a lovable experience and watch your brand grow

Reach out to more

Why hide a great brand from customers? Gain the limelight your brand deserves with a brand presence on WhatsApp – a channel that 2 billion people across the globe absolutely love!

Know what they want

Smart businesses know their customers. Leverage our advanced analytics to optimize campaigns and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Extend timely help

Be the brand that cares and supports by automating FAQs regarding product requests, order tracking, and more.

Enable a safe experience

Build brand loyalty and earn ambassadors for your brand with quick, secure, personalized conversations.

A channel that brands love

Not just customers, even businesses find it easier to build relationships on a channel that enables quick access to customers and helps send across multiformat content.

Enriched functionalities for smooth engagements

Start conversations

Don’t wait for customers to learn about your awesome brand. Initiate conversations and make it easy for them to reach out to you.

Verified business account

Gain trust with a verified account. Let your customers know that it is safe to interact with you and it isn’t a fraudster.

Try our templates

We’ll go the extra mile by helping you with templates that suit your brand and business objectives.

Rich interactions

Text, image, video, audio, emoji, location, URLs, cards, quick replies, list pickers – get talking to your customers and facilitate a thoroughly engaging experience. 

MSGCLUB Verified Whatsapp Broadcasting Application Features

Manage Multiple Whatsapp Verified Number 

User can select own approved Verified whatsapp numbers ( if more then one ) so whatsapp will receive to their clients via selected number.

Broadcast Numbers

User can use multiple way to add number in your Verified whatsapp Broadcast

  1. Phone book group
  2. Upload csv file
  3. Past Phone Numbers 

to send WhatsApp on these numbers From their verified WhatsApp number.

Select Template

At the time of sending user can select the previously added template ( Must be approved on Facebook ) 

Send Now / Schedule

User can send Verified WhatsApp Broadcast 

  1. Now ( live ) 
  2. Schedule for the future.
Manage Template

User get a option to upload all the templated which are approved at whatsapp. User can select at the time of  sending  verified  WhatsApp.

  1. Add Templates
  2. Edit Templates
  3. Remove Templates

We support all Template Type which are supported by Whatsapp like

  1. Text content with Header, Body and Footer
  2. Media content with Image or Video or Document – Need to select the media type while creating Template  
  3. Content with Button
Single Chat Screen

You can manage chat of all verified whatsapp numbers from the single chat window. Chat with the users and send 

  1. Reply to user ( Text, Image or File )
  2. Send pre-approved templates
Delivery Report – With Status

User can see all the request sent by them with detailed report like status ( delivered /read/failed) according to the clients number.

Phone Book 

Create unlimited groups or tags to manage your contacts in phone book. You can use that phonebook groups to broad cast verified whatsapp.

Manage Client

As a reseller you can manage your client and provide then the same features that you are having with us that helps to grow your business.

Raise Ticket

You or your client can directly raise issue or requirement to our technical team. Our team keep their identity hidden from your client and reply you or your client with the appropriate solution or time line of resolution.


You will get all types of API which helps you to send broad cast sms as well as reply to your client from your software or ERP.

Webhook or Reply API

We also have webhook or reply api which gives you information of reply send by your client on your verified whatsapp number.

Whatsapp SMS Pricing

Process to Start 

We required the below listed information to move ahead – 

Verified Whatsapp Registration Process

  1. Provide the document for Business Proof (GST Certificate or Company Registration document, etc.)
  2. A Whatsapp Number to register (It should not be registered in any other WhatsApp app)
  3. Billing details including GST Number
  4. About the company (A short – description)
  5. Logo (640*640)
  6. Address
  7. Email
  8. Business Category
  9. Website

Configuration of MSGCLUB Cloud Panel

Add a Business manager account at

  1. Go to Settings > People > Add People
  2. Add our email id and give Business Admin Rights

! Enjoy Whatsapp API with MSGCLUB!

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