Why use bulk SMS solutions with Unicode service for your business

India is a diverse country where denizens of different regions embrace and speak different languages. Apart from Hindi and English, being the popular linguistics in India several other dialects are also profoundly used across the Indian subcontinent. Bulk SMS providers understand this point and therefore offer their business clients a feature to interact with the target audience in a variety of national languages and regional dialects. 

Talking in numbers, India is a home for more than 100 regional languages and 2 national languages. While some Indians are equipped with more than two languages, there are several others that can communicate only in one language. Understanding such a diverse population, any business institution that wishes to communicate and market itself to the target audience must opt for bulk SMS services. 

Bulk SMS solutions, or simply bulk messaging is a smart marketing solution that provides institutions to communicate with their respective target audience using SMS communication. Under the banner of these solutions, business units can employ Bulk SMS API India to send their audience short messages in a language that is familiar to the recipients. 

Sending messages with bulk SMS API India

Stated simply, bulk SMS API is an application interface that connects business software to SMS routing entities. Only with the use of this interface the business software can send/receive bulk messages to/from the target audience. 

Chief bulk SMS providers such as MsgClub offer SMS API solutions integrated with Unicode services. The Unicode services are responsible for converting your drafted SMS into the desired regional language and then forth sending bulk messages. 

Let’s take a quick example to understand this conversion. Say, for instance, you wish to send your customers a message in the Marathi language. To do so, all you need to do is select Marathi as Unicode language in bulk SMS API India. Once selected, you can type the message in your preferred language, say English. For each word written by you in English, there is an equivalent Marathi word generated and thereby making a draft in Marathi regional language.

Once your draft is ready, you can simply add the recipient list in the recipient’s column in API and trigger the service. With the service been triggered, the business audience received a message in regional language in a second or two. The use of MsgClub SMS gateway enables business units to send up to 500 messages per second. 

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