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Utilization of Msgclub’s UserLike Live Chat SMS Add-on For Every Industry

Several numbers of online business companies make use of Live Chat as a support tool for many reasons. Online shops, e-commerce stores are the most frequent clients of User Like support channel, to increase conversion rates highly via assist customers on the spot before a sale is aborted. Apart from online shopping stores live chat is also trending on hotel websites. In this industry live chat and SMS marketing services is used as a tool to extend hotel's service in the eyes of visitors via its online presence.

In any business, it is important to make your customers happy. Along with the UserLike Live Chat software, hotel managers started integrating its bulk SMS plugin for text messaging. For website visitors, SMS marketing can help you get the word out quickly and cost-effectively.

Let's take a more close look at how Bulk SMS UserLike add-on can benefit different industries:

Hotel industry:

  • Quickly Reach Customers- Text messaging enables hotel management to instantly offer last-minute deals, new event details, welcome greetings on the website visitors into customers hands. A hotel can inform their interested customers about new deals and other travel notifications for better support.

  • On time Delivery- MsgClub hate delays as much as you do. To make our system robust and powerful we have spent thousands of rupees in our cloud-based bulk SMS gateway. It uses different servers distributed across data centers to ensure your message delivery within few seconds. The hotel management can send out important messages without any delay in its delivery.

  • Personal Touch- Hotels can add the personal touch to their online presence via text SMS marketing services. With the send SMS from UserLike, they can send personalized SMS to their every customer about a special offer, thanks, SMS on the checkout, festive discounts, coupons and more. However, a personalized SMS with a unique set of information is more appealing than the bulk SMS.

Moreover, the utilization of MsgClub SMS addon for UserLike will not get end here for one industry. It has different benefits for every industry whether it could be an IT sector, Education sector, Government sector, E-commerce sector etc. Let’s find out it’s more utilization:

E-commerce Industry: People love to shop online and it is true that 90% of the shoppers take customer support on website’s live chat window. However, online shopping store owners who’re using UserLike software can also fulfill their needs of SMS marketing with our SMS addon for UserLike. From our powerful add-on for bulk SMS e-commerce portals can promote various discounted deals, send accounts details, offer best customer support and more in a text message. So, that every user will get his own set of information in a satisfied manner.

IT Industry: IT industry is always developing with new technologies and many of the leading IT companies use UserLike software for the live chat with visitors. However, they’re also in need of text SMS marketing services. With our SMS add-on, a company can send out thousands of messages to promote their new products/services, event launch, Achievements, special offers, transactional details and a lot more from one place.

An IT company will surely receive high conversion rates once they integrated our plugin into their UserLike dashboard.

So, what are you looking for? Contact our team members to enjoy the benefits of UserLike add-on...

Industries That Use Olark SMS Add-On for Business Growth

As of 2017, 95% of literate people own a cellphone, according to the research conducted by Pew research center customers are the key for every industry, if you want your business to thrive! So, it's time to hop on that bandwagon. Industry can enjoy SMS marketing results especially from its high open rate of 97% and do it at the right time guarantees SMS more success.

MsgClub has introduced new SMS add-on for Olark live chat users that directly send text messages to visitors. Our add-on allows industries to send personalized SMS to their customers without any hassle. Its functionalities are just simple as our SMS panel, a marketer need not be skilled to use it.

You might know the use of live chat for customer support for any query or purchase issue is much high! Let's read more to know the top-industries that use texting from bulk SMS Olark add-on for their business and marketing growth.

1. Retail Shops

To enhance the customer experience on your website, retails shop owner can send text messages related to promotions of new products and services. These businesses can engage customers by welcoming them with a greeting SMS and can send news about events and exclusive deals from bulk SMS Olark add-on.

2. Banking

The banking sector has made the lives of customers a lot easier than before. Now, they are enabled to send SMS simple text to their Olark live chat window visitors. They need to stand longer in the queue at the bank because many financial issues, account queries, payments, new services/policies promotions are done online through text messaging.

3. Educational

Many of the leading colleges and universities provide live chat option on their website for any query about admission, infrastructure, placements, scholarship and much more. To help them connect institutes can save their important information with our Olark add-on. MsgClub enables educational institutions to send thousands of messages to parents and new students to admit a high number of students for the session. Moreover, they can send out exclusive event details, achievements and best placements of their college or university to catch the attention of newbies.

Well, there are many other industries like Media, Health, Recruitment etc who can also use our SMS from Olark service for text marketing and communication. Join us today for more info!

Msgclub Tally Integration Configuration

Msgclub Tally Integration Configuration

User Account details like auth key, sender id route and other things -

Step 1 :- Click on the SMS Utility.

Step 2 :- Now you able to see the option SMS Module. From here you can able to send the given kind of sms.

Single SMS

Birthday / Anniversary

Cash / Bank Info

Custom Group



Step 3 :- For send the sms we have to update the details on the Portal Manager Option so just click on that.

Step 4 :- Redirect on the next page so just Press “Enter Key”

Step 5 :- Just put the Desired details which is related to the your user account.


Auth Key

Sender Id


SMS Type

Step 6 :- Redirect on the next page so just Press “Enter Key”

Step 8 :- Now you reach on the home Screen.

Click to  Pay for MsgClub Tally Integration.

Msgclub Tally Integration able to Send the SMS For List Of Voucher Type

SMSCluster allow you to
Tally ERP 9 Software.
You can send the sms from the

tally software to your end users. You able to send given kind of sms for our sms module

SMSCluster allow you to
Tally ERP 9 Software.
You can send the sms from the

tally software to your end users. You able to send given kind of sms for our sms module

MsgClub Tally Integration Voucher List.

You can able To Send the Given Kind Of SMS

  1. Single SMS

  2. Birthday Anniversary SMS

  3. Cash / Bank Info SMS

  4. Custom Group SMS

  5. Group OS (Receivable)

  6. Ledger OS

  7. Voucher Type

  8. Day Book

  9. Group Outstandings

You can able To Send the SMS For List Of Voucher Type :

  1. Contra
  2. Credit note

  3. Debit Note

  4. Delivery Note

  5. Job Work in Order

  6. Job Work Out Order

  7. Journal

  8. Material In

  9. Material Out

  10. Memorandum

  11. Payment

  12. Physical Stock

  13. Purchase

  14. Purchase Order

  15. Receipt

  16. Receipt Note

  17. Rejections In

  18. Rejections Out

  19. Reversing Journal

  20. Sales

  21. Sales Order

  22. Stock Journal

I want to Pay for MsgClub Tally Integration.

Configure MsgClub Live Chat SMS Plugin Services In Easy Manner

MsgClub, India's no.1 bulk SMS gateway provider offer an easy configuration of SMS services into Live Chat SMS Plugin. Live Chat is an online service used by several small and large organization for live support to all visitors. Many entrepreneurs use Live Chat as a single point of contact to manage customers queries and issues on the spot. Moreover, for some issues they need SMS services from provider to send thousands of messages, customize SMS for every recipient and more facilities.

So, we are here to complete your all requirements of text messaging to Live Chat users. Just in a simple way configure different services to take driven more traffic and sales.

1. Add contact to CRM- This is one of the best options to manage your company's relationship with your new customers and potential customers. Simply add you're all live chat visitors contact details like Name, Mobile No, Email Id into MsgClub phonebook to improve profitability via text SMS marketing.

2. Send SMS- We offer you to send simple SMS to all your contacts coming from webhook. However, we have different routes, flash service, and signature option on our SMS interface so that your message will directly create impact in the minds of customers.

3. Send Personalized SMS- You can give a personal touch to your prospective clients of Live Chat by offering best customer support and promotional offers in their hands only. As SMS marketing open rate is 97% so your SMS will get read within 3 minutes from its delivered time.

4. Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book- This feature of our bulk SMS Live Chat Plugin will let your task of uploading thousands of contacts in Phonebook easier than before. Along with this, you can send text messages to all recipients from the SMS panel itself. Every business marketer can simultaneously perform both activities at the same time.

5. Send Personalized SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book- Isn't? It's a great way to send unique information to each visitor of your website. Yes, of course, you can also add contact details in our Phonebook for a future purpose from the same window of this Live Chat configuration. Our powerful and reliable bulk SMS interface will automatically save your contacts in our system after your configuration.

So, what are you looking for? Take advantage of SMS marketing services in your businesses to enhance customer relationship more than online Live Chat support!

5 Steps to Integrate MsgClub Live Chat add-on

Nowadays, Live Chat is the fastest way to help your customers. Similarly, bulk SMS add-on for Live Chat is also useful to promote and help your customers via text messaging. Text messaging is quite beneficial because 90% of the users carry their cell phones with them only so if you send any message, there are high chances of reading it.

On the other hand, MsgClub, the best-loved bulk SMS gateway provider in India offers a free Live Chat SMS Plugin for businesses who want to send messages to their website visitors on predefined actions like live chat end, welcoming of new customer and much more. You can also integrate it very simply into your Live Chat account for sending bulk SMS & personalize SMS to all your visitors. Our robust panel will automatically send text messages from your side without any hassle.

Steps to follow:

  • You will see different options for SMS Marketing. Select any one of them as per your requirement to configure it into your Live Chat system.

  • Once you have configured it, our system will generate an ''Auth Key'' for several operations.

  • Copy your auth key from the MsgClub's Panel and paste it into your company's Live Chat dashboard.

  • Click on the ''Integrations-Webhook-Target URL'' and paste it here to send SMS to customers mobile numbers.

MsgClub's Live Chat SMS add-on For Best Customer Support

Many business owners believe that live chat is another important tool to contact customers, just like email or phone. Out of 10, 8 times cases are resolved on the spot. You might be heard that quality customer service plays a crucial role in business. Customers are the key who spread the word about you and help to grow your customer base.

Many large and small businesses have been adding live chat SMS Plugin as a more flexible tool in order to solve queries, notifications, reminders to the website visitors.

Building customer trust via text messaging is a crucial step in any online store business.

Let's see how different industries can utilize bulk SMS Live Chat plugin:-

Online Shopping Store-

You can reach out your best prospects via SMS. Many people take online advice from customer experts to make a purchase. You will get a lot of customers query on your live chat and it may be related to ordering delivery, return/exchange policies, report bug and more. Sometimes you are stuck with some technicalities on a backhand process so this is where you need to assist them properly via Text messaging.

You can provide best customer support via SMS on their mobile numbers. An online store owner can send a welcome message after he/she visited your company's website, send promotional offers, discounts during sale time, and more. This way you can grow your audience by converting your customers to a useful SMS.

In case of order shipped, query send SMS like;

Your order for Dressberry Blue solid top has been shipped through courier logistics and will be delivered to you by 15 Feb 2018. The order tracking code is ML8954862.


We can take another example of ''educational universities'' who can also utilize of SMS Plugin for Live Chat to send thousands of messages.

Many of the leading universities are using Live Chat option on their education website so that they can reach to new students and parents without any hassle. New students and interested parents want to know about your institute infrastructure, fees, achievements and much more facilities that help them to take admission. So, for such purposes, university management can help out future students via informative personalized SMS on their registered mobile numbers.

For example:

Dear Shubham, Thanx! For showcasing your interest in MBA (Media & Management) course. A candidate must pursue his/her bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass communication to enroll with us.

Moreover, this live chat SMS add-on has different advantages for enterprises who're using Live Chat on their websites and applications. Contact us for more info at

How to Integrate WHMCS SMS add-on of MsgClub

WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is a must-have tool for the hosting domain and server providers. As it is widely used by businesses so we have launched WHMCS SMS Plugin to send automated SMS to your clients on any defined actions such as registration, domain expired date, new order, invoice and more.

To integrate this you have to create an account on so that you could start exploring our all bulk SMS services. Among, all services our add-ons are newly launched to make your SMS marketing task easier than before.

Kindly follow the given steps to integrate and set-up MsgClub bulk SMS service with your WHMCS account.

1. Sign in your MsgClub account, click on the add-ons button to preview all SMS add-ons and add-ons.

2. Click WHMCS to add MsgClub configuration it into your system.

3. Choose predefined services like Send SMS, personalize SMS, add contacts to Phone Book as per your requirement of sending SMS.

4. For example, if you want to send normal SMS to all your existing clients go there, enter username, password, and URL of your WHMCS account than Login. We will automatically fetch your all old customers contact details.

5. After login, create your SMS for a reminder, notification, payment dues and more for all existing customers. Our panel will automatically send your SMS content to them.

In case, if you have added new client details in WHMCS account, you can download a file from an SMS window and paste it into XAMPP>>htdocs>>whmcs>>includes>>hooks folder of your desktop. So, that your SMS will get sent to new clients also.

This is how you can integrate our bulk SMS WHMCS Plugin needs. In case, if you have any query please contact our team experts at

Easy Configuration of MsgClub WHMCS addon Services

Any marketer can provide best service experience to their prospective customers by keeping in contact with them. Our bulk SMS WHMCS Plugin is designed with the sole aim to keep clients updated all the time. Being one of the ideal web hosting automation solution, leading organizations and brands are incorporating with WHMCS software. For web hosts and developers it is the complete billing and support solution.

However, for the SMS marketing solution, you can configure MsgClub's WHMCS SMS Plugin for different services like;

Send Normal SMS

Send Personalised SMS

Add contacts to Phone Book

Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

Send Personalised SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

Send SMS- This feature is useful when you have to send an informational message like promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, a reminder to your customers. Your drafted message will be automatically sent from our system to every contact in the list.

Moreover, our bulk SMS gateway also allows you to see real-time DLR's of sent SMS.

Send Personalised SMS-  Our Msgclub WHMCS SMS Plugin allows you to send customized SMS to every recipient in your WHMCS contacts. You can add their name, invoice number, payment amount and other credentials to convey unique information about them to registered mobile numbers.

Add contacts to Phone Book- Securely add your all WHMCS contacts into MsgClub's Phone Book. Where you can manage their information before sending a text message. In case, if you don't want to send a promotional offer to some recipients you can also delete it easily on our interface to save SMS credits.

Well, apart from these we provide different combinations like ''Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book ''and '' Send Personalised SMS and Add Contact To PhoneBook'' that makes your task of SMS marketing more easier than before.

Use of WHMCS SMS add-on to send text messages

WHMCS is one of the most popular and one-stop solutions for web hosting, client management, billing and domain registration need. There is a great add-on for WHMCS that allows people to send automated SMS to their clients on the defined action. Such as when they register, change their username or password, due completed, place a new order etc. Even with the MsgClub WHMCS SMS Plugin, you can even send customize SMS or bulk text messages from our SMS gateway.

It's a great platform to make your company look more professional and can simply remind all potential customers when their bill payment is due and more!

Let's look at how you can utilize it in the best manner:

If you're are an owner of the online shopping store or wish to survive successfully in the e-commerce market, might consider WHMCS for the best client management, billing and support tool for your online business. It handles everything from signup to placing an order, WHMCS software is a robust business automation solution that puts your enterprise fully in control.

To offer an amazing experience to your existing or new buyers you need to stay in touch with them, keeping updated at every defined action. And this is why MsgClub brings WHMCS SMS Plugin that has the power to make you stay connected with customers by sending text messages on their mobile phones on crucial steps that matters a lot.

WHMCS add-on for the E-commerce store

Our add-on allows store owners to enhance buyers satisfaction level by keeping them informed about all activities via SMS

  • Welcome message when a new user signs up on your store

  • Create birthday wishes for potential clients

  • Notify customers when they placed, returned or exchanged a product.

  • Send promotion offers, discounts, deals and credits

  • Attach short links and attachments in SMS

  • Send invoice notification and payment reminders to manufacturers and retailers

  • Notified online buyers when the issue has been resolved

The utilization of WHMCS add-on for bulk SMS or personalize SMS does not get end here! Many other things can be done with just one add-on that too, comes free of cost.

Integrate MsgClub bulk SMS WHMCS Plugin and highly serve best e-commerce experience to every customer!