Bulk SMS Service

Text Messaging Practices For the ''BUSY’’ Accounting Software Users

When used widely, SMS marketing gives extreme results to businesses and offers a great means of communication & relationship development tool for their tax and accounting clients.

Among 90% the text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received! In the year 2016, text SMS marketing deserves a serious consideration by every marketer and accountant that wants to stay high in this competitive market.

Here are some points you should always keep in mind while sending SMS from BUSY software:

Your SMS Should Be Personalized

Make sure your SMS should start with the recipient's name because it establishes instant credibility in the eyes of receivers telling the message is from someone who knows them, it's not an unwanted SMS! However, your message will get read immediately.

Your SMS Should Be Relevant

Create relevant content for the recipient. Don't bombard them with a lot of spam messages to reduce the credibility of your company. Convey or update them with a true information, facts, and figure via BUSY Software ‘’SMS Integration’’ with our services.

Your SMS Should Be Timely

Many of the clients come to you to prepare their income tax return file in January while some want to wait until March or April. You will get a little benefit if you started reminding late season clients in January; they might have their papers together. Moreover, earliest recipients cannot be reminded by you in March as you're too late. So, it's important for every user to send messages timely.

You can send the number of messages directly from the bulk SMS API for Busy to get high delivery status on sent messages.

Standardized Sender ID

Many of times accounting companies and shop owners use the shortcode to send messages. So when a creditor, debtor, customer or client receives text messages from a short code, they think that is coming from a computer. Using shortcode services in BUSY software play a good role in maintaining client relationship. Hence, your every personalizes SMS  or group SMS or bulk SMS should get send through via company name in sender ID.

So, If you wish to do SMS integration ‘’BUSY accounting software’’ than you can contact our team members at We also provide SMS integration services to our bulk SMS reseller at a very nominal price.

For using Busy SMS integration you just need to signup on and contact on tech support team on 9406811130.

How to Integrate SMS APIs in Busy Accounting Software

Do you ever hear about India's one of the leading accounting software BUSY who provides an opportunity to send SMS? Busy is an integrated business accounting software for all types of businesses small, medium and big. There were 1,50,000 installations and over 6 lac business owners and accountants who are using it globally. BUSY caters a range of accounting software that completes the needs of different business segments.

We started providing SMS integration with BUSY in a very simple way. It is the software that records and processes accounting transactions of every company or enterprise with some functional modules like Inventory management, billing, VAT reports, Service Tax, MIS reports, Payroll and more. Due to its large functionalities companies require sending important information to their customers via SMS. They need not waste a lot of time in sending bulk SMS to their contacts. So, we understood their requirement and started providing our SMS API integration into their BUSY basic, standard and enterprise edition.

''Let's move on''

I am sharing some of the simple ways to do Busy software ‘’SMS Integration’’

1. Create or Sign up your account on 'BUSY' software to start our services.

2. Go to Administration option than move your cursor to SMS API configuration on the window.

3. Click on the Add button for a new format and quit this window.

4. Again go to administration and click on utilities then send SMS to configure the format which you've added from our interface.

5. When the new window is open on the BUSY, there is an SMS API option where you have to paste our bulk SMS API.

6. Now, you have to make some changes in Parameters (Sender, Mobile no, text and API key) to start sending single SMS, group SMS, personalized SMS to your customers.

Note: Click on the Save button to configure Msgclub services.

This service is also available when you choose bulk SMS reseller program for your enterprise or organization. So, get ready to earn a lot!

Why use SMS API integration for Marg ERP software?

Yes, it’s quite understandable when you ask this question. We usually have seen that this is the first thing which comes to the mind of people when we ask them to use our SMS API integration with Marg ERP software. We, in this blog, are going to answer all of your queries, to quench your thirst to know why to use bulk SMS in Marg software?

What is the sole purpose behind anything that we use? To make things easier, right?

Correct. Anything, or literally everything we use makes our life uncomplicated, in one way or the other. That is the prime reason why we use them in our life. MsgClub’s bulk SMS API for Marg does exactly that for you. It makes your daily accounting and inventory management task easier and promotes your effortless working.

We know that you’ve been using Marg Software and MsgClub’s services separately for quite a while. Now the time has come to blend both of them to make the most, altogether. MsgClub’s SMS setup in Marg software will leave you in awe with a never-ending list of benefits that come along the way. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Benefits of SMS API integration with Marg ERP software

  • Speed and Reliability

Bulk SMS setup for Marg software by the MsgClub increases the speed and the reliability of your day-to-day accounting and inventory management tasks. This is so because it eliminates the need for doing several tasks like exporting contacts, creating reports, and feeding data for both the MsgClub and Marg software separately.

  • Send SMS via Spreadsheets

Our SMS integration auto-selects the contact numbers from any CSV file or spreadsheet. This saves your efforts that could have wasted in feeding contacts in MsgClub’s panel otherwise.

  • SMS Ledger Statement

With our Marg software SMS integration, bulk SMS resellers and users can directly send, within an SMS, the ledger statement to any of the customers of theirs. This feature comes handy when you need to send a statement to your customer as it saves you from feeding ledger data in the panel. Moreover, you can SMS the reports generated from the Marg software straight to your clients/employees.

  • SMS Outstanding balance

Now you need not worry about notifying each of your customer or employee about his/her outstanding balance separately. Our SMS API integration will do it all for you.

  • Send SMS Reminders

With our SMS integration, you can inform your clients or employees about post-dated cheques/payment reminders, bank deposit reminders etc. via SMS right from the Marg software.

  • SMS Receipts on Payment

You can send payment receipts to your customers via SMS, using our SMS integration in Marg software. You even can send ‘Thank you’ SMS whenever they order something or make a payment.

Integrate SMS alert with Marg and have the liberty to get the best of both the applications. Manage accounts and inventories, and send the SMSes, wherever and whenever required, all at the same time. So, now when all your questions have been answered, we will suggest you wait for nothing and get the MsgClub’s SMS API integrated with Marg software. For any further assistance, contact us here.

Introducing the ‘Developer Tools’ option At MsgClub’s SMPP Server Panel

The MsgClub’s SMPP Server Panel has come up with a new implementation of Developer tools. Unlike its older version, this implementation enables you to access developer tools from the admin panel also. This would help you manage your clients in a better and effective way.

The developer tool option was available at the clients’ panel only, but you need not worry about this anymore, as with this new implementation, you can manage your developer API option on your own, that too on a click of the mouse. Now, you don’t need to wait for the developers or the support team to cater your request, as everything is right on your fingertips. Live code update, real-time API change, easy to use & manage API tools.

In this implementation of developer tools, we have provided a link in the admin panel for providing access to developer tools from the admin panel itself. For doing this, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  1. Firstly give allotment to developer tool link from link allotment section of the admin panel.

  2. After link allotment, ‘Developer Tool’ link will be shown in the developer option of the admin panel.

  3. After clicking on this, a ‘Developer Tool’ page will open in a new tab of the browser.

Have a look at following features of MsgClub’s SMPP developer tools:


MsgClub’s ‘Developer tools’ are customizable as per your convenience.

Unlimited API + API Code

MsgClub’s SMPP developer tools break for your limitation of the number of APIs and API codes.

Easy Management

You can manage parameters & responses from the admin panel, which eventually helps you in keeping up to date with the industry.

Best Long Code Service Provider In The Country -

Long Code SMS Services, also known as a dedicated phone number or virtual mobile number, is a call reception system used by businesses to receive voice calls and SMS Messages from their customers. It’s low cost and international accessibility makes it the best solution for huge marketing campaigns.

Below we are mentioning some applications of long codes services in various fields,

  • Polls, Promotions and Surveys

  • Reception of SMS for companies wishing to interact with consumers.

  • 2-way communication etc.

MsgClub’s long code feature makes it easier for its users to carry out their marketing campaigns. Let’s have a close look at the features of our long code services,

  • The Inbox

MsgClub’s user-friendly interface provides its users with flawless inbox, making it easier for them to view all the responses that they received from their customers.

  • Manage Long Code

MsgClub’s best interface offers its users an easy-to-use client managing option. In the ‘Manage Client’ section, users can find all the long code that they used and created.

  • Manage Keywords

Our interface allows users to manage keywords assigned to particularly dedicated long codes, making the complete campaign highly efficient. You can even search by the long code or the keyword in order to manage the keywords.

  • Export

Users can use this ‘Export’ option in the MsgClub interface to export the long codes between a particular span of time, into a CSV file and can download it as well to increase its future usability. Just key in the ‘from’ and the ‘to’ date and click on the ‘export’ button to download the exported CSV file of all the long codes between those two dates respectively.

Make The Most Out Of Your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns With MsgClub

Bulk SMS marketing is the best way for marketing your brand these days. Bulk SMS marketing is on the top of the list of most profitable yet practical approaches for any enterprise that wants to advertise and market the brand that it offers, to its potential customers. One can surely expect a huge amount of money, and a great client base as well by using bulk SMS services. Here are enlisted some of the features that we offer at

  • Send SMS in bulk using various routes

MsgClub offers its users various routes to send messages. A user can select the most optimum route that he/she finds suitable for his/her marketing needs. Following are some of the routes that currently are being offered,

  • Transactional

  • Promotional Numeric

  • Trans DND

  • Transcrub

  • OTP Service

  • Trans Stock

  • Trans Property

  • Trans DND Others

  • Transcrub Stock

  • Transcrub Property

Besides this, you get a sender ID that will reflect in your receivers’ phones. This could be a 6-charactered ID. You can enter mobile numbers in three ways - single contact, phonebook group, or direct upload from CSV file. Enter the description or the content that you want to send via SMS. We provide you with the option to enter your content either in the English language or Unicode. You can also add your digital signature to the SMS.

  • Personalized SMS - Send SMS via CSV File Upload

At MsgClub, you get the option to send bulk SMS to several prospects at the same time even via uploading a CSV file. Sending SMS using CSV file saves a lot of time for users as they no longer have to key in each contact number each time you carry out your campaign.

  • Phonebook Group

Add all the contacts to your phonebook that you want to. Create group, keep single entities, or make a CSV file, do whatever you wish to and facilitate your bulk SMS marketing campaign.

  • Check Delivery Reports

Users can check delivery reports of their previously executed bulk SMS campaigns. You can view delivery reports, scheduled delivery reports, sent SMS outbox and failed APIs.

  • Developers API

We provide developer APIs to our users to facilitate them in carrying out their SMS marketing campaign by integration of our bulk SMS APIs in their systems. This saves them a huge load of time and efforts. Following APIs are available at the MsgClub at the moment,

  • Single SMS

  • Bulk SMS

  • Personalise Bulk SMS

  • Schedule SMS

  • More/Reseller API

  • Extra API

All New DND Filter from the MsgClub for DND number check

Greetings readers!

Warm welcome from the MsgClub team.

Nearly each and everybody, who deals in bulk SMS marketing, is concerned about those contacts which are registered under the ‘Do not Disturb’ service of the TRAI. The SMSes that are sent to these contacts go all in vain, as they always fail to get delivered. Well, we can do something about that - we can at least put a check on such contacts whether they belong to the DND category or not, by using our ‘DND filter’ service or Msgclub DND Scrubber.

The feature ‘DND filter’ is surely a boon to the industry of bulk SMS marketing. Using our DND filter will pare down your SMS marketing efforts to a remarkably low extent.

Let’s have a look at the sub-features of ‘DND Filter’ that we offer at our MsgClub’s panel.

  1. Paste your contacts

If you have a bunch of contacts of which you want to check DND status, you can simply copy those contacts from any file and paste them in our interface. On clicking on ‘Filter’ option, you’ll get your report generated.

  1. Upload via CSV file

It’s even better if you have a CSV file containing all the contacts that you want to carry out your DND filter check. Using a CSV file doesn’t only saves you a lot of effort as you then don’t need to put extra efforts in copy-pasting your contacts, but also saves your precious time. A CSV file once created can be used any time whenever and wherever you wish to use that.

  1. Send via API

You can use the API facility also if you need to use DND filter on contacts. Just stuff-in your contacts in our pre-designed API and hit it to get your NDNC report.

  1. NDNC Report

In this section, you’ll get the logs of all the NDNC filter check requests that you’ve made earlier. Here you’ll get information on factors like the ones listed below,

  • Date of Transaction

  • Remark

  • Total numbers filtered

  • No. of Credits used

  • Request from

  • Deducted from route

  • Action

Other than this, whenever you’ll use this service, 1 SMS credit per 100 numbers will be deducted for each request from the transactional route SMS credits of your account. If your request is less than 100 numbers, then a single credit will be deducted, but if your request is more than 100 numbers then for every 100 contacts 1 SMS credit will be deducted. For example, if you have 1987 contacts to use DND filter on, then total credits deducted will be 20 credits, that too from the transactional route.

Use MsgClub’s Email Marketing for Transactional Email Services

Email marketing nowadays is an efficacious method for brand advertising and marketing. It is gaining new heights of popularity among marketers due to its positive outcomes and the ease with which one can use this service.

Email marketing services offered by the MSgClub can be used to send transactional emails and promotional emails also. Let us see what our users can do using our email marketing service.

  • Transactional Email

Using this route you’ll be able to send transactional emails to your clients. It is vastly seen that this route is majorly used by financial institutions like banks, ticketing agencies et cetera, to revert transaction details to their customers.

  1. Email Delivery Report

With our email marketing services, you get the delivery reports of each of the email marketing campaign in the email delivery report log. You can also search the delivery reports from the log.

  1. Maintaining Phonebook

MsgClub provides you with the ease of a phonebook in email marketing also. Users can manage their email contacts by maintaining a proper email phonebook to carry out their marketing campaigns at ease.

  1. Developer API

Using email services for marketing has never been this easier. With MsgClub’s email marketing service, you’ll get dedicated APIs to carry your email marketing campaigns out at your fingertips. Just integrate our APIs to send bulk emails to your prospects and save yourself from all the hassle of logging in your account every time you send emails.

  1. Client Management

With MsgClub’s email marketing services, you can manage your clients quite easily yet effectively. You can add, delete, and modify your clients.

  1. Request Wall

This feature enables our users to request any assistance from us, like technical support from our support team, or billing ticket issues. You can complete following actions using this ‘Request Wall’ feature,

  • Pending Payment

  • Other Payment

  • Bank Account Details

  • Make Payment

  • Add Request et cetera.

Missed Call Service - A Better Way To Approach Your Prospects

Missed call marketing is definitely a proven way to grab the attention of prospects. What makes it different from others is that it’s a bilateral connection between a brand and its customers. Unlike other marketing mediums, the SMS you send using missed call alert service contains a unique number on which the prospects have to leave a missed call in order to avail the service or show interest in the same. This makes this feature stand out from the crowd.

Our Missed Call marketing service offers you a variety of features to aid you in getting the client base of your dreams. Let us go through some of them below here,

  • An Inbox

Using our missed call solution, you’ll get an inbox for your campaign which will contain a log of your campaigns. Some of the information that you can get in the inbox is,

  • Missed call number

Here you’ll get to know the mobile number of customers who leave a missed call on the particular marketing number that you provide.

  • Missed call Service number

This is the number that our users generate and distribute among their clients to get missed calls on.

  • Date and time

This shows the exact date and time when a missed call is received on the missed call marketing number.

  • Auto Reply

In this field, you can view the auto-reply message that prospects receive when they leave a missed call on the number. This message is preset by the user.

  • Missed Call Setting

You can manage the settings of your missed call number from this section.

  • Export Data

At the MsgClub, we provide such facility to our users that they can export the data from their inbox to a CSV file. This way they get facilitated by having the backup of their valuable data.

Just select a start date and an end date and click on the ‘export’ button. This will generate a CSV file which you can save for future use.

Grab ahold of your prospects with MsgClub’s Voice SMS services

Hello readers!

Voice SMS is a voice-based messaging communication technology that has the capability of broadcasting pre-recorded audio messages in an automated manner using normal telephone-based voice calls. Voice SMSes are easy to remember and difficult to ignore and they have a higher impact than any other communication medium. Interactive bulk voice calls help us in engaging with the call receiver in a way effective manner.

Voice SMS helps you to enhance your business. You can convey your information to customers & clients. You can let your customer know about your events and all. You can send wishes to your friends through voice SMS. It's an inexpensive way to establish a stronger bond with your prospects.

Let us go through the features of Voice SMS service from the MsgClub:

  • Voice Send SMS

Using this option enables you to send voice SMS to your prospects. Here, you can use 2 routes to send your messages via, namely ‘Promotional voice balance’ and ‘Dynamic voice balance’. You need to key- in the ‘Caller ID’, and after that feed those mobile numbers on which you want to redirect your voice SMS. Select the voice that you want to send, after this. For this, you can either upload your voice call file or select a voice draft. Select the time duration how long you want your voice SMS to be.

  • Delivery Report

You can view all the delivery reports for your voice SMS campaigns. You can get information like request ID, description, route, submit, deduct, date & time, export etc.

  • Phonebook

You can manage a phonebook to facilitate your execution of voice SMS campaign. Add contacts as a single entity or add a complete group of contacts - do whatever you want at your own ease.

  • Developer API

We are well known for providing easy yet effective services to our customers, and, developer API for voice SMS marketing is yet another addition to the list of our services. With the APIs provided by MsgClub, it becomes easier for users to integrate this service into their software. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and efforts that one had to put, in logging in and out again, otherwise.

  • Manage Clients

Now managing your clients have become way easier than ever. Doesn’t matter what number of clients you do have, managing them effortlessly at your fingertips.