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How to reset the password at MsgClub bulk SMS panel?

Being a prominent bulk SMS gateway provider in India we always aim to provide the best services and satisfaction to our clients across the nation. For over 11 years in the industry, we have started offering cloud-based SMS panel to our clients who’re planning to start SMS marketing for their business.

Our team of experts has designed our panel beautiful, safe, powerful and user-friendly. Today, in this blog post I am going to answer on client’s question how to reset a password?

Well, it's very simple to do! Follow given below steps to keep your account more secure by changing password timely.

1. Being a user of our company bulk SMS software, sign in your account at with username and password.

2. After login to our panel, move your cursor to the right corner of the system screen. Click on the drop-down button showing your name like Rishika.

3. Go to ‘Account Settings’ there are three options available: User setting, Change password, Change default service.

4. Click on the Change password option, type your current password and then create a strong password for your account. Again type the new password in the Confirm password box then update it.

Our robust system will update your new password at our server. In case if you have any more issues or concerns regarding the password settings call our team at 8878601181 or drop an email to

How many characters are in one sms credit ???

A single SMS includes the certain number of characters. There is a different limit for English and Unicode text messages. In this blog post, we are going to tell what is the character limit of one SMS and how credit is calculated.

When you sign-in to our cloud-based bulk SMS interface, in the send SMS section you will get options like sender ID, mobile number. After that, once you start typing your SMS content, the number of characters written by you will be displayed at the bottom corner. In the given image we have highlighted in the red box.

As soon as the number of characters increases in the message box, automatically it gets calculated and the SMS count will be shown as a 2, 3 and so on.

‘’The length of one English SMS is up to 160 characters for any mobile number.’’ and for SMS in regional languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) the SMS character limit is up to 70 characters.

The further calculations are given below in table:

For English SMS credits-

Your account balance will be deducted on the SMS count. Suppose your SMS is about 165 characters then the cost of 2 SMS will be deducted.

For Unicode SMS credits-

Note: Each space and line break will be added to your character limit.

These SMS limits are for both promotional and transactional SMS contents. Well, if you have any more queries regarding our transactional and promotional bulk SMS services directly stay connected with our team representatives at 8878601181.

If you’re an existing client and facing issues in the SMS credits deduction give a call to our technical support team 9406811130. They will assist you shortly!

MsgClub Delivery Report Features That Every Client Should Know

In the SMS marketing, the main focus of every marketer is to get 100% delivery on their sent messages. However, after a lot of research, our team has come back with some advanced features of Delivery report option that is quite simple and easy to use. It not only saves time but also offer appropriate results on the client's search.

Earlier, we provide a full delivery report at our interface to users but now, you can filter it by according to following options-

  • Mobile Number

  • Sender Id

  • Route

  • SMS type

  • Request Id

  • SMS content

  • Send date & time

  • Count & Balance deducted

We have added this filter only because to make our clients work easy. As per the search they can find out the status of each & every sent SMS. This feature is also helpful for bulk SMS resellers, they can also search the DLR of their customers in this manner.

However, being a leader bulk SMS gateway provider we always aim to provide the best services to our clients. In the DLR feature you can get a report in four different ways; SMPP DLR, Scheduled DLR, Send SMS Outbox and Failed API. But before moving on you need to understand their utilization-

SMPP DLR- In this option, your all sent campaign through SMPP connectivity will be shown here. SMPP connection is ideally used to send a high volume of messages at once.

Scheduled DLR- In case if you have scheduled your campaign for later date & time than your list will be shown here. Our system will automatically send it and update the status accordingly in this DLR.

Send SMS outbox- This option is helpful when you sent billion of messages and you wish to look at how many SMSes are in a queue. Then in a single click, you can know and find out how many messages are pending in a queue list.

Failed API- In case, the API you have integrated into your software got failed due to some reasons like low SMS balance than you can check their status from here.

For all other sent SMS marketing campaigns delivery status you have to go into ‘delivery report’ option. Being a reseller you can also preview the delivery report of your customers at the interface. In case of SMS delivery issues, clients can add a support ticket directly from that particular report. This helps them to get better resolution from our executives.

How to generate ticket for customer service support at MsgClub interface

Unlike other business owners in this competitive edge, our customers are also key to success. We love our customers and always aim to provide the best customer support on their concerns, issues, and queries in the world. Being a leader in the SMS marketing industry, we always want our customers 100% satisfied in case if they have any issues while using our interface or delivery sent campaigns we have hired a team of technical experts and customer service who’re always ready to give them resolution anytime, anywhere.

But all they need to raise a ‘Support Ticket’’ at MsgClub interface. This way they can track their status of raised requests easily than email, call or live chat. To know the simple steps to add a request you have to read this blog more because, with these easy process, you can get support from our team instantly.

Step 1

First login into our bulk SMS interface with your account username & password.


See the left corner of system window, you will get to see an option of ‘’Request Wall’’ where you have three options; Support Ticket, Billing Ticket and Sender Id.

Step 3

Go to the ‘support ticket’’ option and move your cursor at the right side on the ‘’Add Request’’ box.

Step 4

On the new window, fill out some mandatory details like Issue subject, Description. Moreover, if you have any issue regarding the SMS delivery type request ID (message Id) and if having issues regarding using panel than left this box.

- Set your priority

- Upload file if you have any screenshots that you like to share with us.

Step 5

At last, click on the Add request button to place your query or concern ticket. Our team will shortly connect with you!

In case, if you wish to know the current status of your generated ticket or want to see your closed issues or done issues just go back to the request wall option and know it.

Recently, we have developed a new option to raise support tickets. Being a client you can directly generate support ticket from the DLR window. This saves your valuable time and enables our team to provide you a solution on that particular delivery report.

For more assistance give us a call at 8878601181, 9993089777 or email us at

How can you make a request on MsgClub panel to take sender ID approval?

You can request a custom Sender ID, the friendly name that reflects on your customer’s mobile phone. When you go to send an SMS, you must have to type your sender ID so that your customers can guess who is the sender of that text SMS. However companies, organizations or startups can create unlimited custom Sender Ids with the name of their brand, product or company like ADMYNTRA, IMBOBTXN, BZHONORC, IMTALENT etc.

Our team of experts will not take long hours to approve your request, in a just small duration of time they will approve it and give you a confirmation via email or call.

But before moving on for your marketing campaign, you need to know from where you can place a request for sender ID. Today, I am sharing this special blog post through which you can learn about its process in a simple manner.

Step 1-

Login or Sign in to your MsgClub account at

Step 2-

Move your cursor at the left side of our panel and click on the ‘‘Request Wall’’ option than sender Id.

Step 3-

On the next window go to the ‘Request for Sender ID’ option and fill out the given boxes like route, content, company name according to your business requirement. Make sure your sender id will be of 6  Alphabetical Characters for transactional SMS and 6 numeric characters for Promotional SMS no other characters like : [ “* is allowed.

Step 4-

Afterward, click on the ‘request for sender id’ our system will automatically trigger your request to available team members.

Step 5-

Seat calmly for some time and get the approval from us to enjoy our bulk SMS services freely.

On the other hand, your list of all sender Ids will be shown at our interface so that, you can check the status or can perform an action to delete that sender ID request permanently. Well, it’s the best way to manage your sender Ids if you have a large consumption of bulk SMS messages.