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MsgClub Drip SMS Marketing campaign to nurture your leads

Being a sales representative you have to stay in touch with customers and establish communication with potential customers and MsgClub drip SMS marketing campaign can help tremendously. 

The basic goal of drip SMS campaign is to nurture leads & relationship with clients. You may call drip SMS marketing as a "campaign automation" as automatically it sends the predesigned SMS campaign with defined flow on schedule date and time. It keeps you connected with your leads and create a sense of familiarity with the leads. This process increases the likelihood of sales. 

MsgClub bulk SMS short URL marketing campaign offers several tools for sales reps and team members to build connections with prospects, leads includes creating and sending a text SMS campaign via MsgClub drip campaign automation system.

Drip SMS campaign automation that a sales team could use to keep the conversation going with prospects and leads to grab their attention and keep them consistently interested in the product or service. It is a process attempting to concentrate on each and every individual. 

The SMS campaign automation allows you to track Short URL SMS you send as part of your campaign. Based on those SMS status, whether they are opened, delivered, clicked, failed drip process automatically sends SMS.

For example, a lead that opens the SMS could be sent down a path to receive additional information while a prospect that doesn’t open an SMS could be sent a variation on the original SMS. You could also get the information to have a salesperson notified when someone clicks a short URL in an SMS.

Fix your campaign's time to send timely SMS. Take care to ensure that the timing of your SMS doesn’t have a negative impact on the performance of your Short URL SMS campaign. You can set date and time to space out your SMS within your campaign automation.

'Auto repeat campaign' feature to resend the SMS campaign. Set when you want to start the campaign, after how many days, how many times you want to repeat the campaign.

Action wise automation feature helps to add the numbers with the same action in the next campaigns automatically just by doing single time setting. 

Say for Action selected - Click. Those contacts (numbers) who clicked the URL will automatically add in the other campaigns (in which we want to add). As above picture showing numbers are added in Campaign 1 and Campaign 2.

Even Msgclub short URL software permits you to add those numbers into your phonebook groups like Group 1 and group 2.

Thus on adding the numbers status/action wise in next campaign helps to maintain the series of SMS in a proper flow as Drip SMS campaign.  

Nurture leads to nourish the relationship with clients via drip SMS marketing campaign and boost your business undoubtedly. 

Automated MsgClub Drip SMS Marketing Campaign

The Simple fact is - 'Your each customer is unique and so to convince them you need to follow different approaches and techniques.'

Then how you can identify the purchasing pattern, buying behavior of customers.

and More over how could it be possible for you to analyze each n every customer behavior as you have to make thousands of customers.

So for marketers here is the good news - 

'DRIP SMS Campaign' is the perfect solution to all your problems.Then you must be thinking -

What is Drip SMS campaign?  

Drip SMS campaign marketing is the concept-driven from 'DRIP irrigation'. Like Drip irrigation, Drip feed SMS campaign service works too. Automatically send a timed series of Bulk text SMS to a group of contacts via MsgClub Drip SMS campaign marketing.

Advantages of Text Drip SMS campaign -

Target your audience specifically via Drip Campaign -

Design the flow of your SMS marketing campaign, consider maximum possible ways to convert your prospects into customers. Select the status according to which, leads will be bifurcated on each step and thus your marketing campaign's next SMS will be sent automatically.This way you can capture prospects, potential buyers and nurture them over time. 

Say for - You have sent the SMS  to 10,000 contacts, out of 5000 opened the SMS they received. These 5000 contacts are going to get the next SMS of the campaign and rest those you didn't open the SMS you need to send SMS with different content. According to the status selected customers will be distinguished and added to the different groups. Thus drip campaign helps to send SMS as per customer's response. 

Save time with text drip SMS

Save valuable time and engage your customers by drip text SMS. Once design the flow of SMS and your whole campaign will work accordingly. Thus drip SMS marketing campaign saves your time. The automatic process requires less time and efforts ultimately leads to saving your time. 

Timely send pre-written text SMS - 

Design your campaign as per your convenience and schedule the drip SMS campaign. Thus you don't need to be there while you want to start your campaign, your campaign will be automatically sent on the scheduled date and time.  

MsgClub Drip SMS campaign gives meaning to your campaign and fulfills its purpose. By creating multiple text message campaigns or design targeted text messages. Text SMS Drip campaign is perfect for lead capture and nurturing prospects over time. Design messages for your specific audience as per your convenient time and automated Msgclub drip SMS campaign will help you in doing so. 

MsgClub Drip SMS marketing campaign : Best way to nurture and generate leads

MsgClub Short URL SMS campaign software is offering a tempting feature, the exclusive MsgClub drip SMS campaigns. This gives you the platform to set up a series of messages in advance as per predefined flow and send them to your target audience, prospects or customers according to any schedule you prefer. This is an extremely powerful communication tool that has the potential to help you engage better with people and keep them interested in your business.

MsgClub drip SMS service is a tactic and strategy, to send a series of SMS to promote, to advertise, to send offers, discounts to your targeted audience. You can send any type of content related to your product or information. 

"MsgClub provides everything you need to turn your prospects into active customers."

Always send the best text messages marketing campaigns to disseminate offers, promotions, and discounts, information along with highly demanding Msgclub short URL SMS marketing campaign software.

"Send perfect series of SMS to each person based on their unique behavior in order to engage customers and drive people towards a common goal(sales)."

Benefits of using MsgClub Drip SMS marketing campaign are -

Create drip campaign with ease - It's easy to create Drip SMS marketing campaigns for any type of business. Undoubtedly promote your products well with drip campaigns, as it's a great way to generate and nurture your leads. 

Increase brand awareness - Engagement with people, target audience, and prospects with series of messages, it improves your brand awareness. 

Nurture leads - Some people need to be exposed several times to a message before they respond.Drip SMS URL shortener lets you provide information differently, and educate your audience to convert them into your loyal customers.

Saves time - Create MsgClub Drip SMS campaign when it’s convenient or when you have time and arrange them to send in the future.Thus you can run your campaigns more efficiently and effortlessly. The process is completely automated, hence saves much time of a user.

Increases conversion rates - Msgclub Drip text SMS marketing campaign automate the process of taking follow up with prospects. This process ensures each prospect gets the attention they require, which helps to maximize your conversion rate, increase your ROI on marketing spend, and grow your business.

Improves relation with clients - Drip marketing system is a great way to improve relationships with your clients by staying touch with clients and ensuring that your clients hear from you frequently. Once again, because the entire process is automated, you’ll be able to communicate with your clients without taking much time out of your day.

Send right SMS to the right person at a right time helps to fulfill your purpose of your campaign and aids to nurture your leads in more efficient way.

Flawlessly design your campaigns with Msgclub to track, manage and win more leads.