15 sales Bulk SMS examples for each Business funnel stage

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Customers today have a variety of options, so sending out regular, interesting follow-up texts can be critical to keeping your firm top of mind and ensuring excellent leads don’t slip away.

Of course, following up does not include sending random SMS messages to your sales prospects. To use corporate text messaging efficiently, you must know what information, inquiries, and notifications to send and when.

This post will provide samples of sales text messages that you can use to move leads through three crucial stages of the sales funnel:

Discovery, When leads first engage with your brand

Interest, When leads start investigating your products and services

The Decision, when leads sincerely consider making a purchase

Each of these SMS templates can help you streamline your process. Then, follow our sales texting advice to increase your response rates.

Each of these SMS templates can help you streamline your process. Then, follow our sales texting advice to increase your response rates.


Bulk SMS examples for the discovery stage

Sales Bulk SMS examples for the interest stage

Sales Bulk SMS examples for the decision stage

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Bulk SMS examples for the discovery stage

Leads are learning about your brand for the first time as they move through your sales funnel. Making a good impression is important about getting in touch as soon as you have their phone number. Then, you can carry on delivering a fantastic customer experience by texting your prospects with additional information and building their connection to your business.

In the discovery phase of the sales process, your sales team can use the following Bulk SMS templates:

1. Follow-up for a consultation request

Hi, [ name]. This is [salesperson]. Thank you for your interest in [company name]. I’d love to connect over a quick call if you’re available today.

2. Follow-up for quote request

Hi [client]. I’m [sales rep] from [company name], and I’m texting to follow up on your request for a quote. Could you help me understand your requirements better so I can provide a more tailored quote by filling out a short online form? Here’s the link: [Link]

3. Phone call confirmation

Hi [Client Name], it’s [Your Name] from [Company Name]. Are you still available for our call at [Time] today?

4. Instant price estimate

Your money is being processed! Please note it may take up to [Time Duration] for the funds to arrive. BC Building Society

5. Follow-up for no response

Hello [Client Name]! [Business Name] is here to remind you about your [Service] tomorrow at [Time] with [First Name]. Reply “OK” for confirmation, “CANCEL” if you cannot show up, or call [Phone Number] to reschedule.*

Sales text message examples for the interest stage

At the beginning of your customer connection, when you’re both eager to get to know one another better, it’s simple to commit to follow-up texts, but maintaining your momentum is crucial for making sales. five touchpoints are required for the typical sales representative to set up one meeting. To make a transaction, many more follow-ups are often required.

These examples of sales sms might help you close any open deals you may have.

6. Video call request

Hi [Client Name], hope you’ve had a great [Day of the Week]! I’d love to schedule a video call to provide a personalized product demo. Feel free to pick a time here: [URL]

7. Loan due date reminder

you have missed your last monthly payment. Please call this number: [Phone Number]. [Bank]

8. Payment plan reminder

Despite several reminders, your loan balance is still outstanding. Please contact us to repay the loan or arrange a payment plan. [Business Name]

9. Free trial check-in

Hi [Client Name]! How’s your free trial of [Product Name] going?

10. Insurance due reminder

Your renewal payment is now overdue. Please contact us urgently at [Phone Number] to discuss your policy.

Sales Bulk SMS examples for the decision stage

11. Payment confirmation

Thank you for your purchase. We have received your payment for the item [Item Number]. [Business Name]

12. Unpaid invoice reminder

We have not received payment for invoice [Number], dated [Date]. Please contact us at [Phone Number] immediately. [Business Name]

13. Transaction alerts

Your payment to [Business] has been made on [Date] for the amount of [Sum]. Your balance now stands at [Sum].

14. Cross-selling text

Hi [Client Name], thanks for your purchase of our [Product]. Continue [Action] with our [Other Product] to get more [Benefit]: [URL]

15. Low-balance alerts

Your account is in danger of going overdrawn. Your current balance is [Sum]. [Bank]

The SMS templates you may use to move prospects through the sales funnel and complete more deals include many more than the 15 sales text message samples provided here. One message at a time, you may raise prospects’ interest and engagement by adhering to proper sales text protocol, such as personalizing your texts and texting at appropriate hours.

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