All New DND Filter from the MsgClub for DND number check

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Nearly each and everybody, who deals in bulk SMS marketing, is concerned about those contacts which are registered under the ‘Do not Disturb’ service of the TRAI. The SMSes that are sent to these contacts go all in vain, as they always fail to get delivered. Well, we can do something about that – we can at least put a check on such contacts whether they belong to the DND category or not, by using our ‘DND filter’ service or Msgclub DND Scrubber.

The feature ‘DND filter’ is surely a boon to the industry of bulk SMS marketing. Using our DND filter will pare down your SMS marketing efforts to a remarkably low extent.

Let’s have a look at the sub-features of ‘DND Filter’ that we offer at our MsgClub’s panel.

  1. Paste your contacts

If you have a bunch of contacts of which you want to check DND status, you can simply copy those contacts from any file and paste them in our interface. On clicking on ‘Filter’ option, you’ll get your report generated.

  1. Upload via CSV file

It’s even better if you have a CSV file containing all the contacts that you want to carry out your DND filter check. Using a CSV file doesn’t only saves you a lot of effort as you then don’t need to put extra efforts in copy-pasting your contacts, but also saves your precious time. A CSV file once created can be used any time whenever and wherever you wish to use that.

  1. Send via API

You can use the API facility also if you need to use DND filter on contacts. Just stuff-in your contacts in our pre-designed API and hit it to get your NDNC report.

  1. NDNC Report

In this section, you’ll get the logs of all the NDNC filter check requests that you’ve made earlier. Here you’ll get information on factors like the ones listed below,

  • Date of Transaction
  • Remark
  • Total numbers filtered
  • No. of Credits used
  • Request from
  • Deducted from route
  • Action

Other than this, whenever you’ll use this service, 1 SMS credit per 100 numbers will be deducted for each request from the transactional route SMS credits of your account. If your request is less than 100 numbers, then a single credit will be deducted, but if your request is more than 100 numbers then for every 100 contacts 1 SMS credit will be deducted. For example, if you have 1987 contacts to use DND filter on, then total credits deducted will be 20 credits, that too from the transactional route.

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