Use MsgClub’s Email Marketing for Transactional Email Services

Email marketing nowadays is an efficacious method for brand advertising and marketing. It is gaining new heights of popularity among marketers due to its positive outcomes and the ease with which one can use this service.

Email marketing services offered by the MSgClub can be used to send transactional emails and promotional emails also. Let us see what our users can do using our email marketing service.

  • Transactional Email

Using this route you’ll be able to send transactional emails to your clients. It is vastly seen that this route is majorly used by financial institutions like banks, ticketing agencies et cetera, to revert transaction details to their customers.

  1. Email Delivery Report

With our email marketing services, you get the delivery reports of each of the email marketing campaign in the email delivery report log. You can also search the delivery reports from the log.

  1. Maintaining Phonebook

MsgClub provides you with the ease of a phonebook in email marketing also. Users can manage their email contacts by maintaining a proper email phonebook to carry out their marketing campaigns at ease.

  1. Developer API

Using email services for marketing has never been this easier. With MsgClub’s email marketing service, you’ll get dedicated APIs to carry your email marketing campaigns out at your fingertips. Just integrate our APIs to send bulk emails to your prospects and save yourself from all the hassle of logging in your account every time you send emails.

  1. Client Management

With MsgClub’s email marketing services, you can manage your clients quite easily yet effectively. You can add, delete, and modify your clients.

  1. Request Wall

This feature enables our users to request any assistance from us, like technical support from our support team, or billing ticket issues. You can complete following actions using this ‘Request Wall’ feature,

  • Pending Payment
  • Other Payment
  • Bank Account Details
  • Make Payment
  • Add Request et cetera.