Best Long Code Service Provider In The Country –

Long Code SMS Services, also known as a dedicated phone number or virtual mobile number, is a call reception system used by businesses to receive voice calls and SMS Messages from their customers. It’s low cost and international accessibility makes it the best solution for huge marketing campaigns.

Below we are mentioning some applications of long codes services in various fields,

  • Polls, Promotions and Surveys
  • Reception of SMS for companies wishing to interact with consumers.
  • 2-way communication etc.

MsgClub’s long code feature makes it easier for its users to carry out their marketing campaigns. Let’s have a close look at the features of our long code services,

  • The Inbox

MsgClub’s user-friendly interface provides its users with flawless inbox, making it easier for them to view all the responses that they received from their customers.

  • Manage Long Code

MsgClub’s best interface offers its users an easy-to-use client managing option. In the ‘Manage Client’ section, users can find all the long code that they used and created.

  • Manage Keywords

Our interface allows users to manage keywords assigned to particularly dedicated long codes, making the complete campaign highly efficient. You can even search by the long code or the keyword in order to manage the keywords.

  • Export

Users can use this ‘Export’ option in the MsgClub interface to export the long codes between a particular span of time, into a CSV file and can download it as well to increase its future usability. Just key in the ‘from’ and the ‘to’ date and click on the ‘export’ button to download the exported CSV file of all the long codes between those two dates respectively.

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