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Send SMS anywhere in the world with our world class plans.
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We offer special features to send unlimited SMS across the globe.
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Send unlimited SMS and target your audience anywhere in the world.
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Integrate our API in your software and send unlimited SMS to all over the world.
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What is long code?

Long code is 10 digit number which is generally known as a virtual mobile number or Long number, Long code is a SMS reception of the mechanism which is used by businesses to receive their SMS text messages. In addition Long code is being available at the international level, and long numbers enable businesses to have their private number, rather than short codes which are generally shared by many brands.

How can we start
  • 1. Purchase SIM Card with any operator
  • 2. Send this card to our centre
  • 3. We will configure and provide you Web panel for manage
  • 1. Unlimited Keywords
  • 2. Complete Reporting
  • 3. Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • 4. Customize auto replies as many times you want
  • 5. Real time reporting
  • 6. Auto reply for every incoming SMS (as an auto reply)
  • 7. Unmatched Services in industry
  • 8. Instant response
Advantages of SMS Long code India service
  • 1. Customer is charged as per normal SMS charges
  • 2. Have same features like SMS Short code
  • 3. Can be accessed from International Locations
  • 4. You can set your own number
  • 5. Dedicated number with unlimited Keywords
What are the uses of long codes?

Industries mostly using Long Code SMS Gateway

  • 1. Mutual Fund Industry
  • 2. Insurance companies
  • 3. FMCG Industry
  • 4. Airlines
  • 5. Restaurants and Hotels
  • 6. Banking
  • 7. Educational institutions
  • 8. Entertainment Industry
  • 9. Hotel Booking Services
  • 10. Stock Market – Share brokers