Google Chrome SMS Extension: The new and easiest way to Send SMS

You must be thinking what new, MsgClub is offering you?

What is that easiest way Msgclub is talking about?

So give a pause this post is going to reveal the secret.We are talking about the MsgClub SMS Chrome plugin to send SMS.

Now with this, you can send SMS straight from the browser you’re working on and receive delivery reports too. You can even get tremendous benefits to Send SMS via Google Chrome Plugin – 

  1. Easy to install – MsgClub Extension is available on Google and in few steps, you can install MsgClub SMS Chrome Extension, the flawless plugin to send SMS.
  2. Easy authorization – After Installing Msgclub chrome extension to send SMS directly from your screen. Just enter the login and password to send SMS instantly.
  3. User-friendly interface – Simple to use MsgClub chrome extension, it doesn’t require you to be a technocrat.
  4. No need to switch between different screen – Stop shuffling different screens, send SMS from the same screen you’re working on.
  5. Send in your way – Want to send bulk SMS, SMS in Groups or Unicode SMS. First, identify your need and use Msgclub Google Chrome extension.
  6. Get Delivery Reports – Obtain delivery reports of SMS sent by you. Check delivery reports to know the status of each SMS. 
  7. Saves your valuable time – Adopt the fastest way to send SMS i.e Google Chrome SMS extension and save your time.
  8. Increases productivity – Focus more on your work, send SMS by side without deviating you from your important work.
  9. Anywhere anytime – Send SMS directly via chrome extension services from anywhere anytime.
  10. Stay connected – Send information, offers, discount, gift coupons, greetings, transactional details, invitations, thank you SMS for staying in touch with customers as send SMS is hassle free with Chrome extension.

SMS chrome plugin helps to send SMS. Let’s enjoy sending SMS in bulk to your friends, colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, distributors effortlessly or else to whom you want to send single or bulk SMS. As it reduces your unnecessary task to login into SMS panel or any other software. Even you can send SMS from anywhere you do not need to be in office, just to send SMS.  

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