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  • Send SMS quickly via Google Chrome SMS extension

    Undoubtedly Send SMS is becoming a vital part of our work we do. Irrespective of the industry we belong to we have to send Bulk SMS to our target audience. Learn how to send SMS via Google Chrome SMS extension and start sending SMS quickly. But we know, send SMS to your audience is not only your task, you have lot much […]

  • Google Chrome SMS Extension: The new and easiest way to Send SMS

    You must be thinking what new, MsgClub is offering you? What is that easiest way Msgclub is talking about? So give a pause this post is going to reveal the secret.We are talking about the MsgClub SMS Chrome plugin to send SMS. Now with this, you can send SMS straight from the browser you’re working on and […]

  • FAQs related to Google Chrome Extension

    MsgClub bestowed you with the quickest and easiest way to send Bulk SMS along with detailed delivery reports. No need to go to the panel anymore and get all the functionalities on Google Chrome that you get on the panel. And enjoy the benefits of Chrome SMS Extension. In this post, we have shared the […]

  • How to Install Google Chrome SMS Extension to Send SMS

    We have introduced Msgclub Google Chrome Extension to make your daunting task of sending SMS easy. In nanoseconds add the Msgclub Google Chrome Extension in your browser and start sending SMS.  Follow few steps to install Google Chrome extension to send SMS.  Step 1 – Click on the top right corner of your browser and you will […]

  • How to Send SMS from MsgClub Google Chrome Extension?

    MsgClub Google Chrome extension, once installed ( Install MsgClub SMS Extension), then you will see a little icon of Msgclub in the corner of the screen of your browser (Google Chrome). Send SMS messages to your customers, partners, and employees through your browser. MsgClub Extension is a small, powerful and one of the best SMS application that enables […]