How many characters are in one sms credit ?

A single SMS includes the certain number of characters. There is a different limit for English and Unicode text messages. In this blog post, we are going to tell what is the character limit of one SMS and how credit is calculated.

When you sign-in to our cloud-based bulk SMS interface, in the send SMS section you will get options like sender ID, mobile number. After that, once you start typing your SMS content, the number of characters written by you will be displayed at the bottom corner. In the given image we have highlighted in the red box.

As soon as the number of characters increases in the message box, automatically it gets calculated and the SMS count will be shown as a 2, 3 and so on.

‘’The length of one English SMS is up to 160 characters for any mobile number.’’ and for SMS in regional languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) the SMS character limit is up to 70 characters.

The further calculations are given below in table:

For English SMS credits-

Your account balance will be deducted on the SMS count. Suppose your SMS is about 165 characters then the cost of 2 SMS will be deducted.

For Unicode SMS credits-

Note: Each space and line break will be added to your character limit.

These SMS limits are for both promotional and transactional SMS contents. Well, if you have any more queries regarding our transactional and promotional bulk SMS services directly stay connected with our team representatives at 8878601181.

If you’re an existing client and facing issues in the SMS credits deduction give a call to our technical support team 9406811130. They will assist you shortly!