How to Integrate WHMCS SMS add-on of MsgClub

WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is a must-have tool for the hosting domain and server providers. As it is widely used by businesses so we have launched WHMCS SMS Plugin to send automated SMS to your clients on any defined actions such as registration, domain expired date, new order, invoice and more.

To integrate this you have to create an account on so that you could start exploring our all bulk SMS services. Among, all services our add-ons are newly launched to make your SMS marketing task easier than before.

Kindly follow the given steps to integrate and set-up MsgClub bulk SMS service with your WHMCS account.

1. Sign in your MsgClub account, click on the add-ons button to preview all SMS add-ons and add-ons.

2. Click WHMCS to add MsgClub configuration it into your system.

3. Choose predefined services like Send SMS, personalize SMS, add contacts to Phone Book as per your requirement of sending SMS.

4. For example, if you want to send normal SMS to all your existing clients go there, enter username, password, and URL of your WHMCS account than Login. We will automatically fetch your all old customers contact details.

5. After login, create your SMS for a reminder, notification, payment dues and more for all existing customers. Our panel will automatically send your SMS content to them.

In case, if you have added new client details in WHMCS account, you can download a file from an SMS window and paste it into XAMPP>>htdocs>>whmcs>>includes>>hooks folder of your desktop. So, that your SMS will get sent to new clients also.

This is how you can integrate our bulk SMS WHMCS Plugin needs. In case, if you have any query please contact our team experts at

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