How to Integrate Zapier Apps with MsgClub in an easy manner

Over many years, Zapier is used by companies for an automation to connect your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Slick CRM and more. With the help of Zapier, you can connect two or more application at the same time.

On the other hand, our bulk SMS Zapier add-on help clients to send different SMS to customers on any triggers and actions occurred on the integrated application.

Well, MsgClub provides an easy integration of Zapier addon of msgclub into your system. You need have to be an expert to install it. Just follow our given steps and start sending SMS to thousands of people with a single click.

1. Login your account on MsgClub with username and password.

2. Go to the add-ons, select ‘ZAPIER’ to generate configuration for our different services (Send SMS, Send Personalized SMS, Add contacts to CRM etc).

3. Copy that auth keys from our panel to begin Zapier integration with MsgClub.

4. Sign in your Zapier account in the other tab, Make a ZAP between any Zapier applications and MsgClub.

5. Once you have selected the application you can send out your messages to that customers on predefined actions.

For example: If you want to integrate Google Spreadsheet database into Zapier then select Google Spreadsheet to define it’s trigger when you want to send SMS. For action select MsgClub if you want to send SMS, ”choose account” in the next step, paste that generated auth key of the MsgClub panel to configure our SMS services like personalize SMS, add contacts to phonebook and more.

You need to set up a template with some important details like Name, Email, Mobile Number*, Occupation, Address, City and a lot more to send SMS in multiple numbers.

In case, if you have any query regarding SMS add-on for Zapier of MsgClub than feel free to contact our developers. They will guide you and resolve your problem at the moment.

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