How You Can Easily Configure MsgClub Zapier Add-on Services

Text messaging marketing is the most popular form of marketing that is employed by various corporations and enterprises to promote their services and products. On the other hand, this form of advertising is less costly and smooth than other traditional methods.

Recently, our team has developed an add-on for all Zapier users. This SMS addon for Zapier helps them to do SMS marketing easier than before. According to the surveys, Zapier is one of the most on-growing integration platforms that allows integration of two or more apps under one roof. On the other hand, currently, Zapier have integrated 1500+ leading apps that are a quite beneficial tool for business owners & marketers.

Due to its high utilization, we enable you to integrate our Zapier addon of msgclub if you wish to start bulk messaging services for your business. Before getting started, take a look at its configuration so you can generate different configuration as per your marketing need.

1. Send SMS- You can draft, multilingual SMS for your thousands of contacts without any difficulty on our portal. And even get an instant delivery report of your sent SMS in a single click. This saves your valuable time, money and strength because your messages have been delivered to targeted audience from just a single place.

2. Send Personalized SMS- Personalize SMS is the most crucial way to attract your customers, employees, shareholders, buyers, and others. Here, a marketer can easily compose unique text message for every people in their application database.

Our bulk SMS gateway will automatically send custom SMS with a unique set of information/details like salary, account no., percentage.

3. Add contacts to Phonebook- Our company is providing a safe & secure option to upload your Zapier application customers database into MsgClub Phonebook. In case, if you wish to send any reminder, notification or alert to those customers you can use this option.

Moreover, you can create unlimited groups to make your task easy. This feature will save a lot of time & effort of adding thousands of contacts from different sources.

4. Add contacts to Slick CRM- We made your task of uploading single-single contacts to CRM easy. Just generate a simple configuration on our platform to utilize this service into our bulk SMS Zapier SMS add-on.

Your all contacts will automatically get imported into Slick CRM software where you can manage your essential leads to boost sale.

Apart from these four configurations of Zapier bulk SMS plugin, we have two more configuration that allows you to perform given services together.

  • Send Personalized SMS & Add contacts to Phone Book
  • Send SMS & Add contacts to Phonebook

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