How To Make The Most Out Of MsgClub’s SMS API Integration In Marg ERP Software

In today’s time, nearly everything is getting changed, by the continuingly upgrading technology. Even the way of selling our products and services has also changed. With the emergence of the market, the competition is getting cut-throat in every industry, and this has made the effective communication, with your prospects and clients as well, essential.

sms api integration

These days, SMSs are proving to be an important and successful communication channel. It doesn’t only help you in reaching out your prospects precisely when you wish to marketize your brand, but also keeps them engaged and pleased by offering them regular updates & notifications about the services. Moreover, sending bulk SMSs today has become extremely easy and hassle-free, all thanks to MsgClub’s SMS API in Marg software, and particularly to the SMS gateway APIs.

What can our SMS API integration do?

SMS API is a pre-programmed code of sorts, that lets you build your own personalized SMS sending and receiving channel, whichever software you integrate it with. MsgClub can provide you with a complete bulk SMS API for Marg software for your system. SMS API integration with Marg ERP software is the best way to benefit yourself with positive outcomes while keeping in touch with your customers or employees. Usually, our SMS API integration with Marg Software can allow you to:

  • Send SMSes

Use bulk SMS API for sending texts to your clients and/or employees. Send them exciting offers, or please them with news updates, do whatever you want. Texts like ‘Welcome’ text, ‘Thank you’ text etc can also be sent directly from the Marg software you use.

  • Send Reports To Your Employees

Got monthly reports of your employees? Besides printing tons of hard copies, simply text them all the reports they need to get, right on their mobile phones, straight from the Marg software.

  • Send Account Statement

With SMS setup in Marg software, our bulk SMS resellers and users can even send their clients’ account statement right on their phone. This would definitely make it easier for them to check the account statement and tally the same.

  • Send Ledger Balance

You can inform your customers or employees about their ledger balance each and everyday by sending text from Marg software using our SMS API integration. This will enable you to put everything at your customers’ ease. After all, who doesn’t like getting updated?

Above mentioned ways are just a few of the whole lot of the ways that will help you make the most out of our Marg software SMS integration. To get us at your service, please contact the MsgClub here.