Utilize Marg POS Software to the maximum extent with MsgClub’s SMS API Integration

Everyone needs something to aid him/her in regulating his/her business hassle-free. And by that, we actually mean the properly maintained business transactions, easier yearly sales comparison, easily received important alerts & updates etc. Marg POS software is designed to cater all these needs of individual shops, and/or chain of retail stores, in an accurate way, as it is customizable easily, according to the requirements of the customers & their business types.

We have taken the usability of Marg POS software to the next level, by integrating with it the MsgClub’s SMS API. Using bulk SMS in Marg POS software enables you to execute several of its features, which in turn promotes business growth and enhances your relationship with the customers.

Below here we have tried to incorporate a few ways how will you get benefited from our bulk SMS API for Marg software. Let’s have a close look,

  • Send SMS Invoices

Say goodbye to all those paper and ink! Now, with MsgClub’s Marg software SMS integration, get accustomed to sending all the invoices and bills right to the mobile phones of customers, that too integrated from the Marg POS software.

  • Send Rewards

Many a store is maintaining customer reward points these days. You can also offer them such services if you don’t wanna be left behind. Sending rewards, when aided with the SMS services, could prove to be a boon to your business. Send information about reward points to your customers and watch them coming to you happily to redeem them.

  • ‘Thank You For Visiting Us!’

With Marg software SMS integration, our bulk SMS resellers and users can make their customers feel glad by thanking them for their visit & purchase from your store. Send them a ‘Thank you’ SMS everytime they visit and make a purchase from your store using the integrated SMS API in Marg POS software.

  • Exclusive Offers

Trust us, there would not be anyone on this planet earth who does not like exclusive offers. Let your customers know how much you care for them. Customize your Marg POS software SMS integration to send each of your customers a unique offer, designed especially for them, exclusively. This idea is sure to strengthen your bond with customers.

  • Send In-Stock Updates

Suppose your valued customers come to you looking for a particular product, but sadly, that’s out of stock. This often can be disappointing but you can still help them by notifying them whenever it gets back in stock, by sending an SMS alert to them regarding the status of that product. Notify your customers whether the product they are looking for is in or out of stock.

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