How to send SMS by their name manually?

Searching for a way to send bulk SMS messages to your customers by adding their name into the content? Then you’re at the right platform because MsgClub team members are offering you ‘Personalize SMS’ so that you can send notifications or reminders to your recipients along with their name & other personal details like account balance, EMI payment due, percentage, student’s attendance etc.

With our ‘Personalize SMS’ feature you can shoot your SMS marketing campaigns just by adding contact numbers of thousands of recipient through CSV sheet. However, this feature is useful to attract audience attention more personally. When you send text messages with their name, they’re more happy to read that and they feel that you’re personally taking care of them.

To enjoy the benefits of this amazing & unique feature you need to create an account at our web-based interface i.e or if already an existing user then sign-in with your username & password.

1. Once you sign-up, go to text SMS service where you will see ‘Personalize SMS’ option at the left corner of your screen.

2. We have given three ways to send personalized SMS-

Draft uploaded file- If you’ve previously uploaded CSV file of customer’s database in your account then choose it and start sending.

Upload file- Create a database with the necessary details like name and other personal information as per your requirement into Google spreadsheet and upload it in a click of a button from your desktop.

Phonebook group- If you have any groups created in the Phonebook than choose the group name whom you want to send text messages personally.

3. If you select ‘Upload file’ option your uploaded CSV will be shown at the top of the screen. Like, the given image below-

Choose route either transactional SMS or promotional SMS. Add approved sender Id, select mobile number column as per your sheet, type your SMS content and add personal data from the sheet. You can create personalize SMS like-

Hey Pallavi! It’s happy hours especially for you get Extra 15% off from 2 pm to 5 pm. Happy Shopping!

Hello Shubham! Your attendance for 5th Semester is 65%. Kindly, come to college regularly otherwise we will not allow you to seat in the internal examination.

Thanks & Regards

Prestige management team

If you want to preview SMS click ‘Preview SMS’ option at the end. On the right side, you will get a preview of your each and every custom SMS.

So, in this way you can draft your messages in a custom way for each and every recipient. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to contact our team members at 9406811130.

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