How to set an auto-reply in missed call service

With the cloud-based missed call service of MsgClub, you can generate leads and enable you to easily engage with your targeted customers. At our platform, you can select a unique 10-digit mobile number for your business or company from the list given by our technical team experts. Once you have selected it you will see its detail on your account (

You can publish your unique missed call number in print media, website, app or text SMS marketing campaign. Moreover, it’s process includes:

  • A person gives a missed call the number.
  • In a single ring, our system will disconnect the call and add the caller data in the real-time database.
  • A caller will receive an auto-reply via SMS with thank you a message.
  • Now you and your agent can call back to this number and make the conversion further.

Your auto-reply can be easily editable at MsgClub interface. You can draft an auto-reply SMS of any kind we have no restrictions. But make sure, you have to pay for SMS credits.

To set an auto-reply SMS on your caller mobile number, follow this simple steps:

1. First, go to your account at our interface than click ‘’Miss Call’’ service from the top of the window. If your default service is Missed Call than that window will open automatically once you log in.

2. In ‘misscall’ setting you can view the details of your particular provided missed call mobile number along with other important details like auto-reply, forward to, webhook URL, auto-reply status, content type, expiry date, date of allotment and action.

If you wish to edit pre-drafted auto-reply of that particular number then click on the edit button given in Action.

3. Once you click that, a new window will open that gives various editable option apart from auto-reply.

In the text, SMS box selects the language (Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc) in which you want to send your message to the caller. If you want content in the Hindi language than select Unicode.

Our system will automatically convert your typed reply SMS into the Hindi language.

Also, don’t forget the character limit of SMS i.e 160. If you have written more than this, 2 SMS credits will be deducted from your account.

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