How to upload CSV file?

Uploading database of thousands of customers, employees, suppliers, clients, dealers are now easier at MsgClub platform. Being a marketer you need to reach out to your audiences at the same time when you need. For businesses who’re making the use of bulk SMS service for customer engagement, business leads and for a lot more reasons, our team has developed a smart solution that helps clients to upload their data in CSV file for sending bulk SMS messages.

Below listed are the two-ways through you can send text messages to your targeted set of audience.

1. Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS via CSV upload

2. Personalize SMS via CSV upload.

Send SMS

Step 1

Once you buy SMS credits, go to our panel ‘send SMS’ option and select your route, sender ID and SMS description.

Step 2

In the mobile number box, you will get ‘Import CSV’ option at the right of your screen. Go there, download its sample, make your customer database sheet according to the downloaded format and then upload it within a click.

Your uploaded contacts will be shown as per the given image.

Personalize SMS

Step 1

At our platform, you can add the name of your recipient and other personal details like percentage, account balance etc.

Step 2

In personalize SMS drop-down you will get an option ‘Upload File’ where you can choose your CSV file of any format from a desktop.

Once, you upload our robust system will automatically save it as a draft. In future you need not have to upload that same database again.

So, make your bulk SMS marketing simpler at our platform. Also, make sure you have created your database in the proper format (as per our given sample).

If not our system will you show an error. We support only CSV format so always try to save your recipient or subscribers mobile number sheet in Comma Separated Value format.

For other queries & concerns, you can contact our experts at 8878601181, 9993089777. If you want to know more about services you can visit our website

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