How to use android application of MsgClub?

We have launched our mobile application to make the task of sending SMS more easier when you’re unavailable at the system. If you wish to install it on your android mobile phones either go to our panel and then click Android APK option, type your mobile number or email address to get a link for download.

-Once you download an APK file, go to your download folder in the file manager. Open the file and install it.

We have also given an option to download it for the desktop.

Or you can download it simply from Google Play Store. Search  ‘’MsgClub’’ and install it.

If you have an account login with the credentials and if not, sign in for a new account.

Once you sign-in to our android application you’ll see the features as same we provided at our cloud-based interface.

At our home of mobile application you will get options like:

New Message-

You can send transactional SMS and promotional SMS to any of your recipient from this option. All you need to select the route, sender ID and mobile numbers. Our robust system will send your text messages instantly.


Voice Calls- If you want to run bulk voice call campaign for your business, then within three steps you can create it. At our platform, you can upload mp3 or wav file of a pre-recorded voice message or link of the voice SMS.


Best way to send a text message to your mobile contacts. Choose the contacts you wish to share any information, reminder or alert and then click send msg button.


If you have created any group on our panel then it will be shown here. If you want to make a new group than that option is also given. Type a group name and start adding contacts.

Text DLR-

Analyse your campaign success through this feature. We will provide you default 7 days DLR and last one month DLR in graphical and chart representation with whole details like real-time status, route name, SMS credits deduction etc.

Voice DLR-

Get the delivery status of your all sent voice SMS campaign from here. Your balance will be deducted only on answered calls.

Manage Client-

This option is useful for our bulk SMS resellers. A reseller can manage their clients by searching their name. He/she can disable/enable their account, change a password, add funds, and extend expiry date.

In case of a new client, the reseller can go to add client option to make that person a user or his/her sub-reseller.

So, this how you can enjoy SMS marketing features on your mobile phone. For any assistance or query feel to contact our sales team representatives or customer support executives at or 8878601181

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