MsgClub DND Filter- Check up to thousands of number in a single click

DND stands for Do-not-disturb. As per the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), companies are not allowed to send promotional information to telecom users. Any user who has registered his/her number under DND service will not receive any unwanted marketing calls and text messages from commercials. If they receive such kind of SMS or calls they can file a complaint against sender to TRAI.

To avoid big penalties we have launched smart DND filter for our clients who’re running SMS marketing campaign for their business. Well, the most amazing is thing is that we offer DND scrubber service on the same panel from where you can also send bulk SMS messages to your audience. Moreover, we enable our clients to filter out mobile numbers in two different ways:

1. Via Copy Paste

2. Via Upload CSV

Via Copy Paste

If you have your customers database into one place, simply copy those numbers whom you want to send promotional messages and paste it in the given box. Click Filter button, our system will automatically download CSV file that clearly shows the status by the name NDNC and DNC.

Filter via Upload CSV

Among 90% of the small and big organizations maintains their thousands of client or customers data on excel sheet. So, via uploading those excel sheet in CSV format, they can be filtered out which mobile numbers are registered under DND service.

So, this is how you can simply take the advantage of our DND filter while doing bulk SMS marketing for business. You can also check the NDNC report at our interface to get the details of transactions, how many numbers go filtered, deducted SMS credit etc.

But before moving ahead with this DND number check read out some important points:

1 SMS credit will be deducted for each request or 100 numbers/credit.

– If a request for the filter is less than 100 numbers then 1 credit will be deducted.

– If a request for the filter is more than 100 number then for each 100 number 1 credit will deduct. For Example, 2340 number is filtered then 24 credit will be deducted.

The balance will be deducted from any of the routes.

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