Integrate our SMS API in your software and Start sending Bulk SMS through it

After Reading the title, you must be thinking .What is API, What is integration, how we can Send SMS after integration and all.

Here is the answer.

First of all we will explain API i.e Application programmer Interface.API consists of a set of rules describing how one application can interact with another and the mechanism that allow such interaction to happen and Integration means to join with something.

Integrate our BULK SMS API into your company’s software or  pre-existing technology and take advantage of our Bulk SMS offerings. Using our SMS API allows you to customize, how you want to send and receive bulk SMS in the most convenient manner.

Whether you belong to any industry or using any of your software it is very easy to integrate our Bulk SMS API in your software, to Send SMS .

You can also integrate our Bulk SMS API into your software. It’s  damn easy process, You need not to be a technical person. Or if in case you can’t able to integrate then we are always ready to support our clients. Our support team will guide and help you in integration.  

SMS API provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website/ application, facilitating auto-generated SMS to be delivered to the intended recipient’s mobile phones. This method does not require our Software Platform at your site.

“With our SMS API, Save your Time by Automating Tedious Tasks.”

1. Fast access – You need not to log in to our panel and send SMS one by one. Just integrate our SMS gateway API in your software and send SMS directly from it.
2.Free API – Clout provides you free SMS API, you do not have to pay a single penny for the API, only you need to pay for the sms service and our support team helps you to integrate our API into your software.

3Help you to improve CRM –  By the way of sending SMS alerts & reminders on time any company can stay connected in the most effective way with its customers. It is the best and appropriate way to be in touch with your clients/customers, so this help to improve CRM.

4Perfect solution for business promotion and communication – To Promote your business and communicate your company’s policies, offers, schemes with your customers by integrating our SMS API in your software, and start sending sms to your clients. It helps you to promote your business.

5Communication in any language – Our SMS API supports Standard as well as Unicode characters which helps you in sending SMS in English and any other language.

For More details you can Contact us.

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