Let’s Configure MsgClub Services into Chatra SMS add-on

In today’s online world many industries have started using the live chat feature on their website to communicate visitors online. Sometimes they need to send important updates and notifications to them so for their SMS marketing needs MsgClub has introduced bulk SMS Chatra add-on for those enterprises who use Chatra software for a live chat.

We have not only introduced for text messaging but we also want our clients should earn profits through a sale. We are offering some incredible features of our new SMS add-on for Chatra that can be quite beneficial to you!

Send SMS- Reach out to your hundreds of customers send bulk SMS via Chatra about new events, product launch, promotional offers etc. Our simple configuration of this service will automatically send your messages to desired website visitors after configuring its auth key into Chatra software.

For example: Use code SCF 50 and get 50% off up to Rs.50 on 2 Micro/Mini rides. Valid until 18 Feb.

Send Personalized SMS- Sending custom information to customers is much important for all kinds of industries. So, we offer personalization of SMS content on our interface. You can draft a unique information for each website visitor in your contact list to send SMS from Chatra and notify them personally. With this, your customer can’t trash your SMS in spam and they would read it as soon as possible.

For example: Hi Janhvi, We have successfully placed the order cancellation request of Adidas sneakers. Your refund of Rs.3250 will be initiated within 4-5 business days. Thanks for visiting Myntra.

Add contacts to Phone Book– Just add your online visitor’s contact details like Name, Email, and Phone Book into MsgClub Phonebook as a safe. In case, if you need to SMS to them in future you can directly send them from the panel. It will reduce your effort and time of being uploading contacts again and again. We also allow easy management of your client’s database.

Add contacts to Slick CRM– Grow your business with an ease! Slick CRM is the best lead management software for your company. You can easily import your contact details of people into Slick CRM to generate a real-time lead for high sales from prospective customers.

Apart from this, if you want to make your task easier than we do provide two different options that work together.

1.Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

2. Send Personalised SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

Contact us to get more innovative solutions of our company, MsgClub!

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