Utilization of Msgclub’s UserLike Live Chat SMS Add-on For Every Industry

Several numbers of online business companies make use of Live Chat as a support tool for many reasons. Online shops, e-commerce stores are the most frequent clients of User Like support channel, to increase conversion rates highly via assist customers on the spot before a sale is aborted. Apart from online shopping stores live chat is also trending on hotel websites. In this industry live chat and SMS marketing services is used as a tool to extend hotel’s service in the eyes of visitors via its online presence.

In any business, it is important to make your customers happy. Along with the UserLike Live Chat software, hotel managers started integrating its bulk SMS plugin for text messaging. For website visitors, SMS marketing can help you get the word out quickly and cost-effectively.

Let’s take a more close look at how Bulk SMS UserLike add-on can benefit different industries:

Hotel industry:

  • Quickly Reach Customers– Text messaging enables hotel management to instantly offer last-minute deals, new event details, welcome greetings on the website visitors into customers hands. A hotel can inform their interested customers about new deals and other travel notifications for better support.
  • On time Delivery– MsgClub hate delays as much as you do. To make our system robust and powerful we have spent thousands of rupees in our cloud-based bulk SMS gateway. It uses different servers distributed across data centers to ensure your message delivery within few seconds. The hotel management can send out important messages without any delay in its delivery.
  • Personal Touch– Hotels can add the personal touch to their online presence via text SMS marketing services. With the send SMS from UserLike, they can send personalized SMS to their every customer about a special offer, thanks, SMS on the checkout, festive discounts, coupons and more. However, a personalized SMS with a unique set of information is more appealing than the bulk SMS.

Moreover, the utilization of MsgClub SMS addon for UserLike will not get end here for one industry. It has different benefits for every industry whether it could be an IT sector, Education sector, Government sector, E-commerce sector etc. Let’s find out it’s more utilization:

E-commerce Industry: People love to shop online and it is true that 90% of the shoppers take customer support on website’s live chat window. However, online shopping store owners who’re using UserLike software can also fulfill their needs of SMS marketing with our SMS addon for UserLike. From our powerful add-on for bulk SMS e-commerce portals can promote various discounted deals, send accounts details, offer best customer support and more in a text message. So, that every user will get his own set of information in a satisfied manner.

IT Industry: IT industry is always developing with new technologies and many of the leading IT companies use UserLike software for the live chat with visitors. However, they’re also in need of text SMS marketing services. With our SMS add-on, a company can send out thousands of messages to promote their new products/services, event launch, Achievements, special offers, transactional details and a lot more from one place.

An IT company will surely receive high conversion rates once they integrated our plugin into their UserLike dashboard.

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