Send Flash SMS through the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider

Flash SMS is a specialized SMS feature which is sent through special Flash SMS feature of MsgClub, that enables a standard text SMS to be delivered directly to the screen of the mobile device of the users.

In other words, instead of the SMS being delivered to the inbox of the mobile phone, it appears directly on the screen automatically.This way, it can make the SMS less intrusive or disruptive than normal. User may respond to the flash SMS immediately or save it in the inbox of mobile phone for future reference. The Flash SMS pulls the attention of user instantly to the informative and urgent text message. 

Flash SMS is an SMS message which is displayed on the phone screen immediately upon arrival. These messages has shown on the screen instead of arriving at the inbox. In this way if the recipient does not choose to save the Flash SMS, it will disappear after navigating away and will not be saved in the inbox.

Benefit of Flash SMS –

The user will get benefit by just having a look at the information. Since it can take a few seconds for a recipient of a message to browse to that message in a mobile phone’s inbox, this is a powerful SMS protocol for important messages that do not need to be stored but should be read quickly.The recipient is, with most handsets, able to save any flash SMS by selecting that option once the message has been read.

Flash messages are sent for industries, quick and real time events etc, where the recipients get benefited through reacting with it immediately.          

Who need to deliver Flash SMS ?

The business companies, industries, services, agencies, offices, houses can improve their information technology by delivering Flash SMS to their employees, workers, managers, technician, supervisors, participants, field workers, viewers, customers, clients, and many more for dispatching any important and urgent text message instantly. Recipient may save it for providing it as a proof of receiving urgent information by text. This can be used for advertising purposes.

For example: opening of new branch, company reaching a landmark achievement, need of any technician, power failure, share rates information and in the case of any emergency etc.

Sending important SMS messages and one-time PINs are getting more convenient with Flash SMS.

Regular SMS messages are stored on users mobile phone SIM card or phone memory. which classifies them as most important SMS messages. On the other hand, Flash SMS messages appear directly on the main screen without any user interaction and are not automatically stored in the Inbox. Your users still have the option of saving these messages, with the appropriate sender ID, if they chose to do this, but it’s not done automatically.

However, in case of multiple flash messages being sent, it’s important to keep in mind that your users will only be able to see the last message they receive. It is easy to send a flash SMS using Msgclub SMS features.

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