Send Personalized SMS in Verified WhatsApp For better Conversions

In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways to attract and engage customers, including email marketing, social media, display advertising, and pay-per-click. However, as inboxes overflow and ad blockers become more popular, businesses are turning to verified WhatsApp to create promotional and transactional messages that reach out to customers instantaneously.

In this blog, we’ll go over how your business can use personalized SMS in WhatsApp for marketing.

Why Are Personalized SMS Important for Your Brand?

A personalized SMS to the receiver will result in higher engagement and conversion. Why? Because Whatsapp is a direct channel that customers pay attention to throughout the day, and when you send a message on whatsapp that is timely, easy to digest, and relevant to the recipient, it is difficult for them to ignore it.

This shows that sending personalized SMS is one of the most successful ways to contact and communicate with prospects or consumers.

It also helps that personalized SMS messages via WhatsApp are instantly received on mobile. Messages will be read faster because they are brief and easy to interact with.

Personalizing your SMS messages will improve their performance and stand out, as well as develop a stronger connection with your target audience.

If you are considering investing more resources in doing personalized messages to customers, these are some rewards you stand to gain.

Boosts revenue: People enjoy buying, but they dislike being sold to. Informal, personalized SMS feel less sales, so customers are more comfortable receiving offers via SMS. Furthermore, because they receive an alert every time a new message arrives, they are more likely to take advantage of an offer as soon as they receive it.

Reaching an already engaged audience in real-time through a Verified Whatsapp channel that gets their immediate attention could be the perfect reminder they need to make or complete a purchase.

Increases brand loyalty: Messaging your consumers on a platform where they can freely communicate with friends can help them warm up to you more quickly, especially if they already like your brand and have agreed to receive on whatsapp from you.

Customers will appreciate and stay with your brand if you continuously offer valuable messages, focus on their preferences, and respect their boundaries. You will also notice that this encourages people to actively participate by responding to your sms, providing comments, and interacting with quizzes and surveys.

Deepens connection with customers and your network: Personalized SMS may enhance the client experience and help you connect directly. It allows clients and future connections to immediately interact with your business and shows that you know them.

Your audience will always feel as if you are communicating directly to them, and that they can contact you at any time. You may then take advantage of this moment to deliver urgent notifications, such as transactional messages, keep their attention, answer their queries, share updates, and offer great discounts.

Offers higher conversion rates: Personalized SMS through WhatsApp for company marketing provides quicker access, fewer challenges, and timely notifications on new products, services, or promotions. personalized SMS have short messages and recipients know exactly what action to take.

How do you Personalize SMS for Better Conversions?

Personalizing SMS on WhatsApp involves customizing the content of your message to a specific recipient, such as their name or other relevant details.

For example, a personalized SMS via WhatsApp to a customer on their birthday might look like this:

“Hello, Kavya!” Today is all about YOU. Celebrate by treating yourself with this exclusive HBD 10% discount code. “Shop now [CTA link].”

Including the customer’s name in your message is an effective method to personalize your message. It gives the recipient an impression of importance and connection.

Customers should feel as if your brand is messaging them as a friend. Personalization in marketing is important since it allows you to provide the most appropriate material for each customer, typically on an automated basis.

SMS is already a personal and informal communication tool. Using the customer’s name, referencing the things they purchased, and providing other relevant details collected from customer data will help to strengthen the relationship and increase their chances of engaging with your messages.

Here are two distinctive ways to personalize your SMS in Whatsapp to connect with customers.

  • Include personal information such as names, birthdays, locations, and other personal details.
  • Reference relevant events like a past purchase, an abandoned cart, or the next delivery date for a subscription service to personalize your message for each recipient further.

While following these guidelines, keep your sms conversational and concise. Maintain a friendly tone and stick to 160 characters or less. Also, build a defined SMS content plan, which will help to increase engagement and conversions.

Can we use personalized sms in other industries? Yes, With the Msgclub Verified whatsapp service you can send personalized whatsapp sms in every industry like restaurants, education, Hospital, etc. Msgclub provides you with end numbers of features. Here are the example:

Personalized WhatsApp SMS in Restaurants

Segmentation allows you to group your clients based on what they want. Some enjoy your spicy food, while others prefer your vegan options.

Once you know who likes something, you can customize your messaging just for them. When you have a new hot dish, send a message to your spicy food fans, and inform your vegan clients about your latest plant-based innovation.

This makes your customers feel like you know them, increasing their happiness and chance of returning. So, by using the personalized SMS feature in WhatsApp Business to understand and customize to different sms according to client tastes, you’re not simply sending messages; you’re providing a better experience for everyone.

For Example: 

Hey Kavya, we have something Special for you! 20% off a special coupon for your next order with us. Coupon is valid till 30th April.

Use code [1234]

Hey Rahul, 

Book a table and hop into our hotel for our taco Tuesday special menu at 10% off. 

You’ll love the new additions.

Personalized Whatsapp SMS in Education

When sending messages on WhatsApp, use the personalization feature to make your messages more interesting and relevant. Address your prospects by name and create personalized communications based on their previous contacts with your institution. This can help you establish a closer relationship with your prospects, increasing your chances of converting them into students. 

Simple reach-out and follow-up templates can create a sense of personalized, for example:

Hi [prospective student’s name], I hope you’re doing well! We noticed that you’ve shown interest in our university’s [programme or course name]. Would you like to learn more about it or have any questions you’d like to ask?

You can also share the success stories of your alumni to gain the attention of prospective students, such as:

Hi [prospective student’s name], We wanted to share some recent success stories from students in our [programme or course name] with you. We think you could have similar success and would love to chat more about how our programme could benefit you.

Personalized Whatsapp SMS in  Healthcare

Patients expect healthcare providers to give the same level of customer service as other businesses. Automated reminders delivered via personalized SMS in whatsapp and email at regular intervals can increase patient confirmations by over 150% and reduce no-show rates to 5% or below.

For Example:

Hi [Name], this is to notify you that [Region] is experiencing a [Disease name] outbreak. Keep your surroundings clean, ensure there is no stagnation of water nearby and use bug repellants. Visit [link] to know more. If you experience any symptoms, contact [phone number]


Hi [Name], 

This a reminder to get your medication refilled on [Date]. To know more about pharmacy timings, call [contact number]. To book an appointment, call [contact number], or visit us at [link].

Engage Customers with Interactive, Personalized SMS via Verified Whatsapp

Brands who do not send personalized messages on Verified Whatsapp lose the ability to create relationships with their target audience, which has an impact on trust, loyalty, and conversion rates. Sending messages on whatsapp with personalized content helps create a more engaging and interactive experience for customers. However, your SMS marketing strategy shouldn’t be executed in isolation. Insights-led customer engagement platform to integrate SMS seamlessly with your other marketing channels. Track links in your SMS messages, analyze your SMS performance, and grow your audience using custom sign-up prompts. Customers are more likely to purchase from brands who understand their preferences and express this understanding through verified WhatsApp. Msgclub provides you the best service for personalized SMS in verified whatsapp, you can easily share personalized sms to multiple people at the same time with msgclub whatsapp service.

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