Personalised SMS In Verified WhatsApp For Education

Need a better way to keep students, parents, and staff informed about important school news? Say Hello, personalised SMS.

Educators are constantly communicating with students, parents, and staff on everything from absence to important all-school updates. There are countless emails. App alerts. Notes rolled in school bags.

Prominent educational institutions, training centers, and universities are using personalized WhatsApp messages to help important notifications get through. SMS, in contrast to other communication methods, always gets through. Let’s see in the blog how personalised SMS will benefit your education industry.

What is Personalised Whatsapp SMS for education?

Schools and educational institutions should utilize personalized SMS as a quick and easy way to communicate with members of the school community, both one-on-one and in bulk via WhatsApp to everyone.

For example, a school administration could use personalized whatsapp SMS to remind a parent who has not signed an admission form or to schedule parent-teacher interviews. A teacher could send a personalized message reminding students of upcoming events or exams. On the other hand, they could provide a short progress update to a parent via whatsapp.

Here are some of the most common ways to use personalized SMS in education:

  • Two-way conversations with parents and/or students 
  • Enrolment and fee reminders 
  • Registrations and recruitment updates 

In the personalized sms feature you can send messages in bulk in a single click. In this you will get three option that is:

Draft Upload File: In this you can save your file and you can resend it directly from the draft upload file. In this you save students’ files like you can make a file of different classes like 9, 10, 11 and more and you don’t have time to manage every file in the file section. You can save the files in draft and whenever you want to send the messages you can directly send them. The file you save in draft can only delete when it is deleted by the user. 

Upload File: In this section you select your contact group or csv files and can select template (template will be shown which is already approved by the user) then you can edit the variable as per your requirement. As you have so many students and you don’t have time to send individual messages to students with their names and reports for this problem this feature upload file can help you and you can select thousands of numbers or csv file can send in just a single click with their names and their reports. This will save you time. You don’t have to write individual names with their reports files.

In this section you select your contact group or csv files and can select template (template will be shown which is already approved by the user) then you can edit the variable as per your requirement. This will save you time you don’t have to write individual names and their reports in file. 

Phonebook Group: If you wish to send the same message to all students or parents but change only one thing (such as the date of an event, meeting, or general information), you can send bulk messages, but they will be customized based on your choices in your Phonebook group. By delivering all of your phonebook contacts at once, Phonebook Group saves you time. Because only the contacts you have already saved—in Excel or elsewhere—are accessible. A phonebook is only the data that you have manually maintained because CSV files are so large that you don’t need them for anything. You just need to choose the group and template to send to the parents or students.

Why Personalized Whatsapp SMS can get a gold star in education

Given that over 20 million Indians own a phone, you can be confident that parents and caretakers in your school community will receive your messages in whatsapp from you. 

Better yet, WhatsApp business moves quickly. It’s affordable. And it’s incredibly successful at communicating important messages. Using personalized messages in your school allows you to:

Get messages out fast: 

95% of WhatsApp messages have been sent within a few seconds, giving you confidence that important communications will be received in just a few minutes.  

Immediacy can be important in a school context, especially if a teacher needs to share individual student reports to their parents then personalized whatsapp sms can be most beneficial for them they can easily share their report in a single click.

In moments like these, you need to know how important messages are being received by all those who may be affected.

Free up teachers’ time: 

Teachers simply want to teach. They don’t want to chase Charlie for an unexplained absence or bother Harry about his schoolwork. The more effective a school’s communications plan is, the less time instructors spend doing everyday tasks like these.

And personalized SMS can be very effective. Teachers may have quick, two-way conversations with students or their parents — and obtain the information they need much faster than if they picked up the phone and called or waited for an email reply.

Lighten the admin load: 

The administrative staff in the front office of any school is always juggling a million tasks. From ringing parents about little Sadie’s missed lunchbox to following up on enrolments and fees, the responsibilities can seem endless.

Intelligent and automated procedures, verified WhatsApp, and direct conversational messaging can  reduce administrative workload. It allows your administrative personnel to be more productive and complete all of the other important tasks on their to-do list.

Top tips for using personalized whatsapp SMS in education

The report card in personalized sms receives an A+ in education for its simple ability to deliver the correct messages to the right people at the right time. The question is, how can your school or educational institution start taking the benefits? 

When you first start using personalized WhatsApp SMS, keep the following points in mind.

Steer clear of spam: 

Before sending such messages, obtain your students and (if applicable) parents’ permission. Next, make sure to include:

  • Your business name
  • Your contact information
  • A straightforward method to unsubscribe.

If you do not follow the regulations, your communications may be reported as spam, possibly resulting in costly audits or the end of your messaging campaigns.

To solve this problem use Msgclub Verified whatsapp services you can share the end number of personalized sms without getting blocked and you’ll not be reported as spam.

Personalize your messages:

Want to make every student feel like a star and build relationships with members of your school community? Personalizing your messages is the way to go; simply add their name, the course or subject in which they are enrolled, and any other relevant information in the WhatsApp message. You may also utilize custom merge fields for personalizing WhatsApp messages for every student.

Encourage your school community to communicate through personalized SMS to strengthen relationships even more. Two-way texting allows students, parents, and even staff to react to messages, which is great for scheduling parent-teacher interviews and following up on student inquiries.

Power up your existing platforms: 

If you utilize a student management system or learning platform, you might consider adding personalized SMS into it. This eliminates the need to train employees on how to use a new tool, as everything is kept within the familiar platform they already know.

It also maintains everything in one place, making it easier to revisit previous talks with kids and parents.

Personalized Whatsapp Text templates to help you hit the ground running. 

Educational Workshop Invitation: 

Hi [Name], I wanted to let you know about an upcoming educational workshop on [topic]. It’s designed to help students improve their [specific skill/subject]. I think it could be beneficial for you. Let me know if you’re interested, and I can share more details!

Faculty recruitment:

Hello, [Name]. We are looking for suitable faculty members to join [University/Institution]. If you have experience in [Field], we encourage you to apply. For further information, please visit [Link]. 

Information session:

Hello, [Name]. Are you interested in studying abroad? Attend our information event on [Date] to learn more about our amazing exchange programs and overseas opportunities. To RSVP, reply YES. I hope to see you there. 

Event invite:

Hello, [Name]. Save the date. Our annual [Event] is scheduled on [Date]. Can’t wait to see you there.

Parent-teacher interview reminder:

Hello, [Name]. This is a reminder that you have an appointment with [Teacher] at [Time] on [Date]. Please call [Phone number] to reschedule.

Grade results:

Hello, [Name]. Your final marks from [Course] are now available. To see them, sign in to your student portal here: [Link]


Verified Whatsapp is very beneficial for the education sector. Having a green badge next to a number on whatsapp that creates trust, brand loyalty, etc. To make them feel a personal connection with the institution Msgclub provides you with a personalized sms feature in whatsapp so you can easily build a connection with them at an affordable cost. In a personalized sms msgclub provide three more suboptions that are draft uploaded file, upload file, phonebook group. And there is one more option if you don’t want to send personalized sms now then the user can schedule the sms. Want to know more information about personalized sms contact us on 8359000164 or

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