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  • 20 SMS templates for Marketing and Sales [free]

    Bulk SMS templates for Business are perfect to save time, effort, and resources. They can be used to mass text or have personal one-on-one conversations with customers, partners, and staff members, internal support, etc. Below, we share 20 Bulk SMS templates you can use for your Business and Marketing. These are sample messages that you […]

  • What is a Bulk SMS Notification: Tips, Examples, Best Practices

    A basic sms can be a highly effective digital marketing strategy for your company. Businesses can reach out to consumers in a variety of methods that are advantageous to both them and their customers, such as through push notifications or email alerts. However, Bulk SMS alerts have emerged as the most dependable, quick, and effective […]

  • The WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns: Examples

    WhatsApp Business, Marketing, Verified WhatsApp WhatsApp has the strongest reach in billion. There’s no denying that WhatsApp marketing has enormous power. If you’re wondering, “What kinds of WhatsApp campaigns can a business run?” Here are some successful examples to get you started. There are many ways for a business to boost brand awareness, get new […]

  • WhatsApp List Messages and Reply Buttons are examples of interactive messages.

    Verified WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API List messages on WhatsApp have shown to be incredibly popular and efficient for seamless brand communication. Here’s an explanation of WhatsApp list messages and how businesses might benefit from them. Meta is constantly adding new messaging features to the WhatsApp Business API in order to make the conversation more interactive […]

  • What is the difference between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business App, and Business API?

    Use Cases and Guides WhatsApp is a popular, dependable, and secure cross-platform communication application with over two billion monthly active users worldwide. All of these users have chosen its apps as their preferred method of communicating with their friends, family, coworkers, and customers.  It’s easy to see why. The platform is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, […]

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Bulk SMS Service: The Benefits & Strategies

    Everything you need to know about Bulk SMS Service, how to set up campaigns for empty shopping carts, advanced targeting, SMS strategies, giveaways, and more is provided here. Table of contents: When was the last time you got an sms and didn’t open it? never happened? Every text we receive makes us want to open […]

  • Why Bulk SMS Service Should Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy In 2023 & How To Make It Work

    One of the most unproductive yet powerful mobile advertising platforms is the short message service (SMS). The popularity of SMS and texting among consumers increased by 75% in 2021, according to Statista research, surpassing that of email and in-app messaging. Similarly, it is a great moment to use bulk sms service as individuals grow increasingly […]

  • WhatsApp Business Descriptions and Best Practises

    WhatsApp Business Guides, Verified WhatsApp We’ve all heard the expression “first impressions are everything.” This is especially true in the digital World of WhatsApp. When using WhatsApp for business, your business description will serve as your “first impression.” As a result, it is critical to develop a decent description that not only attracts your customer’s […]

  • How to Switch From A WhatsApp Personal Account To A WhatsApp Business Account?

    WhatsApp Business, Use Cases Prior to the launch of WhatsApp’s business version of its chat app in 2018, most businesses sold and marketed via more traditional channels such as email, social media, and so on. Only a few, particularly solopreneurs, may have used WhatsApp to promote their products and services to their inner circle of […]

  • Verified WhatsApp Customer Support Service

    Customer Service on WhatsApp: How Does WhatsApp Work for Customer Service? The majority of people associate WhatsApp with a messaging app. Few people consider it a customer support channel.  However, as a business owner, WhatsApp should be used first as a customer service channel and secondly as a conversation app. Because WhatsApp is the world’s […]