Temporary Phone Number: How to Get One [2024]

You can send and receive text messages, complete registration and verification procedures, and process payments using a temporary phone number without disclosing your actual phone number.

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can get a free temporary phone number here.

What Is a Temporary Phone Number?

A virtual phone number that you can use for a variety of short-term needs without disclosing your real phone number is a temporary phone number, also known as a “fake number” or “temporary text number.” You can avoid using your personal smartphone by using web platforms to send and receive text messages using temporary phone numbers.

With temporary phone numbers, you may stay anonymous and use messaging for a variety of purposes without compromising your privacy.

How to Get a Temporary Phone Number

Online services that have access to virtual numbers can provide temporary phone numbers.

While most of these won’t let you send messages, many of them will let you start receiving messages straight away. To start using their temporary phone number services, simply go to one of these websites.

Temporary Phone Number App

Below are some services you can use to take advantage of a temporary phone number:

Mobile Text Alerts: 

You can get a temporary phone number with Mobile Text Alerts for free for a period of 14 days. Your temporary number allows you to send and receive up to 50 messages each day, with no message restriction.

You’ll receive a free temporary phone number as soon as you register for a free account.

Other Services: 

The following list of services is another one where you can obtain a virtual temporary phone number for free. (Note that the majority of these services only let you receive messages; you cannot send messages via Mobile Text Alerts.)

  • Msgclub
  • Temp Number
  • Quackr
  • FreePhoneum
  • AnonymSMS

Are Temporary Phone Numbers Free?

For a limited time, many services provide temporary phone numbers at no cost.

For instance, you might be able to send and receive SMS for free using a temporary phone number. The responses your phone number receives may also be visible to the public, which means that anybody visiting the website can see them. Therefore, unless you didn’t mind having the responses appear on a public website, you wouldn’t want to communicate using these kinds of services in situations like this.

With Mobile Text Alerts, you may send bulk text messages (up to 50 during the free trial) and receive fully functional, temporary phone numbers for free for a period of 14 days. Answers can be viewed securely in a safe online account. (You can create a free account without using a credit card.)

How a Temporary Phone Number Works

Services for temporary phone numbers operate differently.

A lot of them let you share a public phone number with other people, who might be using it for different things. You can utilize a list of phone numbers on the service’s website, for example, to verify two-factor authentication. By clicking on one of the numbers, you can view all of the responses that phone number has received. In order to find out if your response is received, you can wait.

Why Use a Temporary Phone Number?

You might want to use a temporary (virtual or “fake”) phone number for a number of reasons.

For Verification and Registration: 

To register or validate your account, you will often need to give your phone number to a number of services and websites.

You might not want to provide all of these websites with your personal phone number, even if it makes sense that they would want to keep your information secure. Alternatively, you might not be able to offer a phone number at this time.

When this kind of thing happens, you can still satisfy the requirements of these sites by providing a temporary number, even if you are unable or unable to give your personal phone number.

For Business Texting:

You might not want to use your personal phone number if you work for a company and want to text clients or potential clients.

You can get the benefits of texting for business without disclosing personal information by using a temporary phone number.

For Personal Privacy:

If you need to interact with someone or receive communications from someone you don’t want to have your personal phone number on file, you could require a temporary number for sending and receiving messages for personal use.

You can converse while maintaining the confidentiality of your actual phone number by using a temporary number.

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