Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider

A well-liked business strategy is reseller marketing, which is purchasing products or services for resale for profit.

This business strategy involves a reseller buying goods wholesale and reselling them to clients for a profit. As a result, the reseller can turn a profit without having to produce the goods themselves. 

Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider

Bulk SMS reselling is one particular application of reseller marketing. This involves buying SMS (short message service) in bulk at a supported price from a bulk SMS service provider. After that, the reseller can sell the lower amounts of bulk SMS to clients in need of SMS services.

If a company or individual wants to offer SMS services but fails to have the resources to build their SMS platform, bulk SMS reselling is a common solution.

Resellers can maintain profitability while providing competitive pricing to their customers by buying SMS in bulk at lower prices. For individuals who are prepared to put in the necessary time and effort, this business concept has the potential to be very profitable.

Resellers are a great alternative for entrepreneurs wishing to launch a business with little overhead costs because they can simply operate their firm from any location with an internet connection.

Best reseller programs can capitalize on the rising demand for mobile messaging services by delivering SMS services to their clients and turning a profit by setting competitive prices.

Bulk SMS Reseller Plan For India

If you are an Indian company that sells bulk SMS resellers in India, Msgclub has the greatest bulk SMS reseller plan that you can use to grow your business.

We provide you with the benefits of not having a separate panel just for resellers because we recognize that you need an easy-to-use platform to manage your reselling business.

Our bulk SMS credits are easy to purchase and resell without paying any extra charges. To use your systems without difficulty, simply add our API key to them.

Because we at Msgclub value transparency, we offer real-time delivery reports that include the reasons behind SMS that are rejected, pending, or not delivered.

This enables you to monitor the delivery of your SMS messages and make sure that there are no problems with their delivery to your clients. Therefore, you can gain your clients’ trust by continuing to share the delivery data with them.

We have made the platform easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about its technical aspects. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or require assistance using our services.

How to Purchase Bulk SMS Reseller Plan For India?

It’s a really simple process to purchase a bulk SMS reseller package with Msgclub. First and foremost, we strongly advise you to register with any of the operators for a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) as a primary entity.

This will increase the credibility of your reselling company and guarantee that you follow the rules established by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Getting a customized DLT sender ID is what you should strive for after successfully registering for a DLT. This will support the development of your brand and boost consumer confidence in your company.

Step two is to log in or register with the Msgclub bulk SMS platform after completing your DLT registration. After gaining access to the platform, go to the panel’s DLT section.

It’s simple to connect your Msgclub account to an existing DLT registration. However, you can still buy a reseller plan from Msgclub if you don’t have a DLT registration.

In this case, DLT registration is not required for Msgclub to offer you our quick SMS service.

You may make sure you’re following the guidelines provided by the regulatory body by registering for DLT and utilizing a unique DLT sender ID.

Perks of Becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller

Reselling bulk SMS has many advantages for you as a reseller. To begin with, there won’t be any setup or developer fees to worry about. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any upfront costs and can concentrate on expanding your company.

Furthermore, resellers are free to determine how much they want to charge for SMS texting, so if you charge your customers fairly, you can make a healthy profit.

Moreover, the procedure of becoming an SMS reseller is quick and simple. just a few minutes, you can get started and gain access to the newest trends and marketing tools that you can use to enhance your offers and attract more clients.

In the end, you will have the chance to develop a reliable customer as a bulk SMS reseller, which may help in the expansion of your company.

In addition to reaching out to your clients’ networks to expand your customer base, you can take advantage of your current connections to promote your services to a larger audience.

All things considered, becoming a bulk SMS reseller may be a very profitable and satisfying business option. Several advantages attract prospective business owners.


1- How do I become a bulk SMS reseller?

Joining a technical agreement with a supplier like Msgclub is a need for becoming an SMS reseller.  With the help of the provider’s technology and telecom operator connections, you will be able to offer your clients bulk SMS services.  The supplier will also assist you with registering for any government-mandated obligations, such as the DLT registration that is necessary in India.

2 – What are the Advantages of Becoming an SMS Reseller Company?

Key benefits include:

  • Starting a business requires little capital.
  • Pay as you go models enable businesses to turn a profit from the start.
  • Since marketing and sales efforts are the main drivers of business growth, scaling a business is simple.
  • An entrepreneur has the freedom to work in the industry sector in which he feels most at ease.  One has the option of working for Micro, Small, or Medium-Sized Businesses as well as Large Enterprises.
  • Growth potential is practically limitless as SMS technology becomes the foundation for an increasing amount of automation.
  • Partner aggregators such as Msgclub will offer complete assistance to help you launch and grow your business.

3 – How do I start an SMS business?

You can take the following steps to start a bulk SMS business:

  • Join up with Msgclub, a technology partner, to subscribe 
  • As required by TRAI laws, register yourself as a telemarketer. Msgclub will assist you in doing so.

Create your website and online store; if you don’t already have one, Msgclub can assist you in creating one and even handling it for you.

Employ some people and begin contacting clients to provide them with premium bulk SMS services with appropriate APIs.

4 – Can I access it from any part of India?

Access to Msgclub is available from anywhere. From anywhere, as long as you have Internet connectivity, you can send SMS messages.

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