The Pitfalls a Bulk SMS reseller program should avoid

The MsgClub team enjoys publishing educational Bulk SMS reseller information on what to look for when navigating the various SMS reseller and white label SMS applications on the market. In this post, we are discussing some of the primary pitfalls that can await as Bulk SMS application resellers.

Things that one should keep in mind before starting the Bulk SMS business as a reseller, so they don’t have to see the pitfalls in the short time frame. 

 1. Being a Bulk SMS reseller never puts all their eggs in one client’s basket – 

Reseller put all focus on the single big client that is not right. It may be possible the big client is going to give you million SMS business per month but you should not put all your efforts in on direction. Though it is the biggest opportunity, it may possible it takes years to catch that fish. So to become smartest resellers and white label SMS partners build their business with the principles outlined in and don’t put all their eggs in one basket. Try to catch small and other fishes also instead of waiting for big one. 

2. Sell Services at low cost and in group of bunch – 

We have developed mobile apps for our own clients and developed and released them for our partners and associates. Our clients have spent thousands of dollars on them, but not had the means to promote them and get end users to download them as it is found unuseful.

To grab the customer’s attention don’t just sell one mobile marketing product. To achieve great success in this sell the services in a bunch of groups with the low priced model.  

3. Give the option to create free demo account – 

 By providing free services, to customers say for in some cases up to 30 days, resellers are not making money. The resellers who help their trial clients quickly scale up are closing new business. Free demo account works like a door of opportunities to grab the attention of the customers and helps to convert the inactive customers into a loyal one.Thus SMS resellers can create more business.

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