Way2SMS Alternative Website

If you are looking for an alternative to Way2SMS.com? So you are in the right place. You are looking for a user-friendly, affordable and a long term solution for all of your bulk SMS services requirements which your search for an alternative of Way2SMS is to end. Because Msgclub is a one stop solution for all of your SMS Marketing needs

One reputable and trustworthy name in bulk SMS marketing is Msgclub. It has gained the hearts and minds of thousands of people by providing good services at reasonable costs. So why do you wait? Make your experience with bulk SMS marketing more rewarding by registering to try our service. You can use OTP SMS and can send DLT SMS by doing DLT registration.

Benefits of Msgclub

Msgclub provides the best SMS Gateway service which is required by every business. Businesses need the best delivery service and overall experience is good. Because for businesses, customers are his first priority. So here are the some benefits of Msgclub Service which includes –

1. User Interface 

Msgclub platform is an easy to understand, clear and simple user interface. It is so easy to manage Our bulk SMS website that everyone can handle it. Its interface is developed in such a way that it is convenient and flexible to use.

As you can see, secure is shown in the image above. The difference is due to http and https. In the address bar of Msgclub, https is displayed.

The website Msgclub employs Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) in place of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In comparison with HTTP, this is far safer and more secure.

2. Cost

You can begin sending bulk SMS messages at a very small amount. It debits per SMS cost by your wallet balance. No minimum purchase amount is required.  For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on bulk SMS marketing, this is a huge relief for those people. We have many offers, discounts and plans. Sign up today to take advantage of them. Our SMS price is affordable in the business and well within budget.

3. Clarity

You may find a clear explanation and numerous articles on all topics at Msgclub. The topics include details about account settings, bulk SMS, delivery reports, transactions, and many other topics are covered in detail. The article list is updated on a regular basis. We takes care of its users needs and ensures that users have a comfortable and satisfying experience with our bulk SMS Services.

4. QR Code

Msgclub offers a special and unique function called QR. As of right now,  no other bulk SMS service provider offers this feature. You don’t have to manually enter each customer’s contact information while using this QR function. Simply send your subscribers, clients, or consumers the QR code, and when they enter their name and number and submit it, an automatic contact list creation process will take place, which you can view and download.

5. Delivery Report Details

The delivery reports for both free and bulk SMS are displayed in Msgclub along with various statuses. For instance, it indicates that the SMS is sent to a DND number, Blocked number whether it is Delivered, Sent, Pending or Failed. All the details of a particular SMS are described clearly in the delivery report. Even an excel sheet with a single delivery report or a combination of delivery data from several dates can be downloaded. Every single little data is included, including the recipient’s number, status, delivery date and time, etc.

6. API 

API details are clearly mentioned in the Msgclub site. Its API documents are available to read on the website. Documentation is available in different languages like PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, NodeJS. To send OTP India explore Msgclub.

You must now determine what is best for you. Before making a purchase, you can try out Msgclub’s services.

They deliver SMS as quickly as possible, as the name would suggest.  In terms of deliverability, you may expect 5–10 seconds for nearly 100% of active numbers to be delivered. The delivery report is correct and genuine. You can also check the status of your message by delivery report. We offer a real time delivery report for the SMS sent.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We don’t hide any important and required information

from our customer. Furthermore, there are no additional costs. Everything is described simply and in a way that makes perfect sense.

Try out Msgclub’s bulk SMS service to grow your business to new heights with our cost-effective, high-quality services. We  promise to fulfill our commitments. Sign up to start the service.