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3 Simple steps to use our OTP service


Signup & generate your Auth key

Signup with us & generate your Auth Key


Request to Generate OTP m/rest/otpservice/generate-otp?AUTH_KEY=yourAuthKey&mobileNumber=1236545654

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Request to verify

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Get ready codes in multiple languages

You can do lots of things with us in Msgclub OTP Generation

1Simple content

Add a default message content on our user-friendly panel. Now whenever any request of Msgclub OTP Generation for a mobile number arises, our system generates OTP and send it to the mobile number with the message so set as default.

Ex. - Dear customer, you need an OTP to log in this account. Your OTP is 323456. Please do not share your OTP with anyone.

Dear user, the OTP to access Slick CRM analytics is 232134.Please do not share it with anyone. We never ask or call for OTP.

2Personalise Content

Name of user and mobile number comes in request then system generates OTP and send SMS to mobile number.

Ex. Dear Megha, thank you for registering with us. Please use OTP 388595 to complete the verification process. Please do not share your OTP with anyone.

Give your audience a personalized touch while sending an OTP. Here we receive both mobile number and message content as a request to generate OTP. We generate OTP and send it to the mobile number along with the personalized content so received.

3Add OTP in the End

Message content is provided by the client. We generate OTP & append it with the message content so provided.

Ex. Thank you Saurabh. You have registered with one of the leading IT company. Your OTP is 566342.

Custom Expiry time (set validity of otp)

1Default Expiry Time

A user can set a default expiry time of OTP for all his request. It can be 1 minute or 2 minutes as per the user's will after the expiry of which system will not verify the request.

2Personalise expiry time

User can set specific time of OTP for each request. (Ex. like if using same API two place first for registration (set expiry of 30 sec) & second for balance transfer (set expiry of 5 sec)

Be 100% secured with us

1ip whitelisting

We will provide option to set your whitelist ip so request from fix ip are entertain for the account.

2We offer three Type of OTP Request

Easy OTP- It's a simple OTP based verification.

16 Digit Secure id - Send Verification request with our
16 Digit Secure key.

MySecure Key - Generate MySecure Key at your end and send it to us while sending the request for OTP. We will complete the verification process only when you will send a verification request along with 'Mysecure Key'.

Also we are offering lot of exciting stuff

Increased reach

Each API logs

We provide logs of API to give you more clarity and valuable insights

Keep readers updated

Generation time

Set generation time of each request to check the delivery quality of service

Deepens relationship with customers(readers)

Customised Report

Get comprehensive report as per your requirement

Capture customer's feedback

Multi Language Support

User can send content as per client's understanding. Like

Capture customer's feedback

Multiple OTP for same no.

Generate multiple OTP's for the same number.Can use secure id or client generated id to make them separate.

Capture customer's feedback

Fully customisable API copy

We provide fully customizable API's. For eg. - you can send sender ID, content, route, etc in each request

For internal member's communication

Protocol support

3 request protocols are supported - HTTP, XML and JSON

Multiple ways to send OTP

One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS

With a 98% open rate within 30 seconds, SMS is known for its high reliability.

Make sure to reach your customers wherever they are while sending one-time password via SMS. Even when users don't have access to the internet, they still can use this two-factor authentication solution.

One Time Passwords (OTP) via Voice

Voice is an alternative to the SMS. Here, a spoken password is sent to the user's mobile as a phone call. This practice is ideal for those who do not want their password to be stored on the user's phone.

One Time Passwords (OTP) via Push

Push is another effective channel of sending One Time Passwords through an app. Users will receive the password in their app and afterward, the password will disappear from their phone.

One Time Passwords (OTP) via Hybrid

You have an opportunity to use our different OTP solutions optimally to ensure that your passwords are delivered successfully to the target. You can use Voice as a backup in case your SMS is not delivered.

We generate and maintain OTP at our end, you don't need to do anything

For Any Help Call Us Anywhere Anytime On +91-94068-11127

Frequently asked questions

What is an OTP SMS?

OTP SMS is basically a type of security to authenticate the user for a single transaction or login session. It removes the possibility of online threats & protects your organization against fraudulent login attempts.

How to send OTP SMS?

You simply need to send the request to generate OTP to a service provider. The provider will then generate & verify the OTP. A reliable service provider takes care of all Msgclub OTP Generation & maintenance tasks.

What are the benefits of an OTP SMS?

OTP verification is a multi-utility tool which provides enormous benefits to an enterprise like improved security, reduce fraud and build a secure online relationship, increase productivity and flexibility, lower helpdesk and security management cost, etc.