When is the best time to send a promotional SMS?

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You’ve come to the right place if the above question has a yes answer for you. The efficiency of any bulk SMS marketing strategy is mostly dependent on time. Customers become irritated and may become disconnected from your brand if you send them SMS messages at strange hours. It is possible to make a promotional sms more readable and attention-grabbing by sending it at the right moment.

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The beneficial outcomes of delivering the message at the appropriate moment include high open rates, consumer engagement, and brand recognition. The target audience will hear your message if you send an SMS at the appropriate time, which is the key benefit. The timing of the message’s delivery determines whether or not customers are retained. If you send too many SMS to your consumers, they may decide to unsubscribe from your service.

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., promotional SMS are delivered to non-DND lines. Due to everyone’s hectic schedules, it is always best to avoid sending messages at exactly 9 in the morning. Sending a message now would be pointless because there is little likelihood that it will be read. Therefore, be careful not to send SMS messages at the wrong time.

Thursday is the best day to send an SMS for an offer on Saturday if you want to convey offers or information about weekend specials. Your customers will have two days to organize their purchasing, as most people schedule their weekends around Thursday and Friday. Sending them an SMS on a Monday can cause them to forget about the deals and discounts, wasting your SMS. Thus, keep in mind to arrange your SMS so that you get the most out of it.

Send a unique note expressing your happiness and excitement at having your customer as a new client to make them feel special. Add a call to action as well, such as “buy 1 get 1 free” or “first 10 customers get 40% off.”

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The effectiveness of an SMS campaign depends on how well you maintain consumer engagement. We advise you to use trial and error and to continue experimenting with different time slots between 9 am and 9 pm However, take care that the SMS doesn’t go out at an inappropriate hour. Visit our website to read more interesting SMS marketing articles.

The importance of timing

It’s not always as easy as signing into your account, creating a 160-character message, and clicking “Send” to start an SMS marketing campaign. Several things need to be taken into account before launching a campaign. First and foremost, you must design a campaign that provides clients with something of value, such as booking confirmation, appointment reminders, or a promotional offer. You also need to decide to whom the campaign will be directed. While highly customized offers can be delivered to particular groups based on demographic characteristics like location, age, gender, past purchases, and more, you may wish to send some campaigns to all of your contacts.

The time of day you send out your SMS marketing campaigns is one of the most important variables that might affect their success. Your efforts could be wasted if you launch a campaign at the incorrect moment, even with the greatest discount or cleverest text ever written. On the other hand, a less alluring deal sent out at the right time of day can work far better and increase engagement. Thus, it is crucial to remember to send out advertisements during moments of high demand. Naturally, the material contained in the campaign and the sector in which your company works will determine the peak times.

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