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Bulk SMS Faq


Bulk SMS Services


Voice SMS Faq

1. How many mobile numbers, I can send a message at the same time?

  • Any number of mobile phones can be connected

2. What are the credits?

  • SMS credits are the currency you need to buy to send messages. In general, credit is equal to a message. We may conclude that 5 messages can consume only 3 credits.

3. How can I start sending SMS in bulk from my account?

  • Once the payment is made and when we receive your payment, you can easily start sending SMS.

4. How do I pay?

  • Two options are the options available online offline. In online and accept credit cards through PayPal, other cards like Visa, Master Card, etc.

5. What is SMS?

  • Short Message Service (SMS. is the ability to send and receive short alphanumeric messages to and from mobile phones.

6. Why an SMS service now?

  • By developing an SMS service right now for anyone at any time, anywhere. This can now be done without any additional cost to your target audience. This technology, available today, you can reach over 350 million people in a personalized way. SMS is a very cheap way of communication. Since e-mail can also be reviewed or stored in your phone as long as you want. Text messages can be sent to large groups of people with a push of a button.
7. What is the need for bulk SMS software?

  • Bulk SMS software provides the ability to send text messages in large quantities by individuals to individuals selected at a time, and offers the best way to stay in touch with their business clients, family members, relatives and friends, etc.

8. Since many phones are connected, you can get information about the device?

  • Yes, it possible. To avoid confusion with mobile devices connect information from multiple signals, title, model name, serial number, port number of all connected phones are equipped

9. Is blocking the facilities available in the software?

  • In MsgClub software creates a list of numbers that does not mean everyone.

10. What is the 2-way messaging?

  • This means that the end of e-mail or the sender to the recipient or the recipient to the sender.

11. What is the brand of mobile phones is compatible with the software in bulk SMS?

  • Bulk SMS software compatible with all major brands of Windows operating system and Sony Ericsson mobile phones based T-Mobile, Nikon, Mirror Smart, Toshiba, LG Electronics, Motorola, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Nokia E -10 Honeywell Dolphin Samsung, HTC Touch 3G and Touch Viva, etc.

12. How many messages can I send both the software using Bulk SMS?

  • There is no limit on text messages using this software to send. On average, you can send SMS to 600 000 per day using multiple mobile phones.


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13. What are the advantages of SMS messages?

  • Backup software to store information. Bake in the path of your choice. This option can be used to back up Update
  • MANAGEMENT MOBILE can be done, ie if 10 phones are used, the top 5 mobile phones can be used to send messages to mobile phones and the company at a particular place and the rest to another company location, or Special
  • Conflict with the speed at which messages are delivered to the bulk SMS Scheduler on a date and time of your choice through the creation of calendars to check., Support for import recipients from various file formats, messages and more dynamic.

14. To reports on the status of sent messages indicate?

  • Yes, we give you the full reports of SMS sent or not and with the data of the graphic details of the statistical information about the SMS sent and the speed is also obtained.

1. How many mobile numbers, I can send a message at the same time?

  • Any number of mobile phones can be connected

15. What happens during a power failure, while sending SMS?

  • Automatically resume the sending of SMS, even after the power failure and is launched when the Windows logon screen appears.

16. Is it possible to check the speed of the SMS?

  • Yes, of course, you can speed the speedometer text we have in our software.

17. How can I get a message other than sending plain text messages?

  • In addition to sending simple text messages, the current version you can flash SMS.

18. I lost my license. How can I get it?

  • The USB dongle that we offer, so the software a license number or key number that you can easily use the software, but once you lose the USB key, you need to buy again.

19. How do I begin? Should I install software?

  • Yes, you have Software. This depends entirely on its use, for example, two mobile you need compact software SQL and if more than two, then you should install SQL Server and so on have.

20. Time SMS only?

  • Text length is 160 characters only.

21. The number of mobile phone numbers can I send messages at once?

  • There is no limit to the amount of numbers, you can send a message at the same time.

22. How can I send a message?

  • 1. Select a Sender ID
  • Select an ID of the sender in the list box, select the default your unique identification number of the sender if you have one and want the messages are identified with their own identification. Select the number of responses that Sender ID for a response from the recipient to receive.
  • 2. Select the message format
  • Choose from an appropriate message format – Text Message / MMS / flash message
  • 3. Enter your phone number or add a contact
  • In the “To” field, enter a list of phone numbers to their messages, or add a contact group of the memory list.
  • 4. Enter the text / image Select
  • In the “Compose”, type your message. For characters plain text message when it gives to its limit reached message. When sending messages note that Flash can be transferred to mobile numbers alone (trust is not compatible with this role TATA compatibility depends on the phone.. While for an MMS message, select the image of the library. This feature is compatible with Nokia phones (Faith is not consistent with this role TATA depends on the compatibility of your phone. To enter the card information on the four areas. low-end phones support this feature. Trust is not compatible with this function depends on compatibility TATA phone.

23. Where can I reply to my audience?

  • Not at all, there is no charge for the answers.

24. Am I accused of receiving answers?

  • You can read the comments of the recipients in the Inbox folder.

25. How can I check my messages?

  • You can view all sent messages in the Sent Items folder

26. How many messages at once, with different mobile numbers?

  • Yes, of course you can. Our software has to do with it, you can send them to different mobile numbers and more numbers, too.

27. Do you need technical support?

  • Based on its registration system to receive technical support.

28. I have not found my office in list. What FAQs that I can do?

  • Send an e-mail questions or suggestions ****
  • We will be happy to assist.

29. What is the contact?

  • Contact Group is a group of mobile numbers that can be created within your mailing list for good communication. You can use your database into different groups and only in specific groups to send a message.

30. The method of connecting mobile phones with the system?

  • Cable 1.dat
  • 2.Bluetooth USB Dongle
  • Sun 3.Blue Software

31. What type of alphanumeric and “_” mean?

  • Alphanumeric: a-z A-Z and 0-9. You can use any character in these ranges, and the underscore “_”. The connection is more sensitive.

32. What software is useful for mobile messaging and mobile marketing in the business world?

  • By using this software in particular, SMS in bulk to a person or group of people at once, so you can keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues, customers and others. This software is useful for business or for sending SMS mobile marketing unit, which contributes to productivity, has increased contact with the customer as soon as possible.

33. Can I read?

  • SMS backup storage and use anytime.

34. Is it possible to eliminate the duplicates?

  • DUPLICATE Uninstall option numbers to duplication and loss of short messages to avoid.

35. How can I create groups?

  • There are two ways:
  • Manually entering the mobile numbers.
  • Importing documents saved numbers.