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How to set an auto-reply in missed call service

With the cloud-based missed call service of MsgClub, you can generate leads and enable you to easily engage with your targeted customers. At our platform, you can select a unique 10-digit mobile number for your business or company from the list given by our technical team experts. Once you have selected it you will see its detail on your account (

You can publish your unique missed call number in print media, website, app or text SMS marketing campaign. Moreover, it’s process includes:

  • A person gives a missed call the number.

  • In a single ring, our system will disconnect the call and add the caller data in the real-time database.

  • A caller will receive an auto-reply via SMS with thank you a message.

  • Now you and your agent can call back to this number and make the conversion further.

Your auto-reply can be easily editable at MsgClub interface. You can draft an auto-reply SMS of any kind we have no restrictions. But make sure, you have to pay for SMS credits.

To set an auto-reply SMS on your caller mobile number, follow this simple steps:

1. First, go to your account at our interface than click ‘’Miss Call’’ service from the top of the window. If your default service is Missed Call than that window will open automatically once you log in.

2. In ‘misscall’ setting you can view the details of your particular provided missed call mobile number along with other important details like auto-reply, forward to, webhook URL, auto-reply status, content type, expiry date, date of allotment and action.

If you wish to edit pre-drafted auto-reply of that particular number then click on the edit button given in Action.

3. Once you click that, a new window will open that gives various editable option apart from auto-reply.

In the text, SMS box selects the language (Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc) in which you want to send your message to the caller. If you want content in the Hindi language than select Unicode.

Our system will automatically convert your typed reply SMS into the Hindi language.

Also, don’t forget the character limit of SMS i.e 160. If you have written more than this, 2 SMS credits will be deducted from your account.

Connect With Your Missed Call Number Callers Through Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

In the business world, there is one common thing between a customer and the business owner, both need to be connected with each other without killing their time. Both want to reach each other instantly. With missed call alert service you can make the path of your customers or clients shorter to reach you.

Missed call service is a cloud-based telephonic service that is widely used to enhance the base of your enterprise. The procedure of this service is very easy all you have to give a toll-free or 10-digit missed call number to your customers and your customers are supposed to call on that number if they’re interested. With one ring, the call gets disconnected and the number of your customer will be saved in your database and from the moment your customer will become your all-time subscriber.

Moreover, the company like MsgClub have launched a new feature in their missed call solution i.e Missed call + Slick CRM. This feature works well when you have to communicate or to know each and every missed call customer concern or queries related to your products or services. Our robust system will save your data automatically into CRM software through which you can manage them easily anytime. If you wish to schedule a call or want to segment your database into different categories use a filter to search it by industry, tag, dedicated missed call number etc.

Moreover, there are many reasons why organizations need to invest in a CRM. High customer churn, inefficient processes and unreliable reporting are just a few examples. So, implementing CRM with your marketing services like Missed call bring many benefits in sales, marketing and another service.

  • Connect with customers

  • Grow efficiently

  • Discover new insights from business data

  • Do business anywhere

  • Targeted Leads

  • Boost revenue

So, if you’re using or looking forward to enabling missed call services for your organization, try out this new feature also. For its binding with sales force software kindly contact our team members at or them at 8878601181, 9993089777. For more information visit

Secured Working With Msgclub’s ‘Missed Call Marketing’ Services

The Industry is facing the issue of increasing numbers of cybersecurity outrages due to scammers and spammers. This is critical as these can result in a poor experience for the customer and the company as well. This might lead to a falling number of customers along with their losing faith.

We have come up with clever solutions to this problem of compromised security - customer Registration & Number Verification.

With more than six billion mobile phone numbers registered worldwide, the mobile phone number is the ultimate way to register and verify customer identity. Let’s see how these two features “Customer Registration & Number Verification” of the MsgClub’s ‘Missed Call service’ are going to help you:

Customer Registration

Using our missed call alert service, you can request your prospects to fill a registration form, and, if they genuinely liked your service, they won’t hesitate in doing so. This way you’ll be able to identify who’s actually interested in your service and who could be a potential spammer.

Number Verification

Using number verification for verifying phone numbers at every crucial step of the customer lifecycle, like account creation, transaction authentication, and ongoing customer engagement activities etc will help you in verifying the authenticity of the customer. By giving a missed call, customers can verify themselves.

Below I am mentioning, how and where customer registration and number verification increase security and boost the authenticity of the channel:

Authentic Registration

Avoid spam registrations by missed call verification. You can ask your customers to register themselves by giving a missed call on the number you provide. When a new customer registers for your service, phone verification can help authenticate identity, ensuring your new customers are who they claim to be.

For example, a new customer who downloads your app and registers a new account could give a missed call to verify the app on their device, in order to complete the customer registration process.

Authenticating Transaction

To avoid fraudulent transactions from occurring, confirming them with real-time communications is a significant way. Requiring authentication of customers at this critical moment is extremely effective at reducing any suspicious activity. Nearly each and every financial institution, payment, and e-commerce industry now require authentication of transactions by giving a missed call on a number sent to them via SMS.

Account Modifications

When your customer logs in to your app from an unknown or alternative device, or tries to change the password, then sending a number to give a missed call, in order to verify the customer’s identity is sure to help reduce fraud and identity theft.

Using MsgClub’s ‘Missed Call Service’ for marketing helps you mitigate the risk of fraud and spam for your business with some of its excellent features. Contact us to avail this facility and grow higher.

Few Reasons: Why Industries Use Missed Call Service?

India's one of the most popular service provider MsgClub enables businesses to run missed call campaigns on their platform.  Sometimes, you don't even need to talk with your customers, a missed call is a simple way to communicate at no cost.

Over 100+ companies and marketers have started using our missed call alert service for their marketing & promotion requirements. Our robust is enough capacity to manage millions of Missed calls from people. And you might be heard that Missed Call service has become one of the most effective ways to engage and involve customers by any brand.

Industries like e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, banking, real-estate, placement, political, sales, media, logistics, call centers are highly involved in this kind of service. Let's find out more how these industries can enjoy benefits of our missed call service for business.

1. E-commerce

The growth of the e-commerce market was worth about $12.6 billion in 2014 and now there were 35 million online shoppers in India and is expected to cross 100 million by the end of next year. Online shopping portals can highly use missed call services for a lead generation. Being an owner of a store you can use this service to connect people via registrations, coupon delivery, alert subscription and broadcasting information.

2. Political Parties

Our company made huge arrangement for political parties to interact with a huge audience, volunteers and members in a fraction of the time. Our missed call can be used for poll campaign and voting. With the toll-free number of your party, you can make our live campaigns and also gain votes via phone.

3. Sales & Marketing

Many of the marketers tell customers to give feedback after using their products and services. This can be possible simply by giving a missed call on their company's or brand numbers. Our missed call solution can help you to gather feedback that is essential to gain the rating and improvement in services/product quality.

4. Event organizers

Promote your new events among thousands of customers and tell them to give a missed call for event registration and passes. With auto-reply SMS you make sure the customer is well-informed for the missed call he had given on your given number. This helps you to attract more and more interested people!

5. Bank

Missed call alert is widely used by all banks for password reset, balance inquiry, mobile number verification and more. With the help of missed call services, your account holders get information and solutions quickly in their hands. They need not follow the long procedures to get information on small things.