5 Steps to Integrate MsgClub Live Chat Plugin

Nowadays, Live Chat is the fastest way to help your customers. Similarly, bulk SMS add-on for Live Chat is also useful to promote and help your customers via text messaging. Text messaging is quite beneficial because 90% of the users carry their cell phones with them only so if you send any message, there are high chances of reading it.

On the other hand, MsgClub, the best-loved bulk SMS gateway provider in India offers a free Live Chat SMS Plugin for businesses who want to send messages to their website visitors on predefined actions like live chat end, welcoming of new customer and much more. You can also integrate it very simply into your Live Chat account for sending bulk SMS & personalize SMS to all your visitors. Our robust panel will automatically send text messages from your side without any hassle.

Steps to follow:

  • You will see different options for SMS Marketing. Select any one of them as per your requirement to configure it into your Live Chat system.
  • Once you have configured it, our system will generate an ”Auth Key” for several operations.
  • Copy your auth key from the MsgClub’s Panel and paste it into your company’s Live Chat dashboard.
  • Click on the ”Integrations-Webhook-Target URL” and paste it here to send SMS to customers mobile numbers.

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