MsgClub’s Live Chat SMS add-on For Best Customer Support

Many business owners believe that live chat is another important tool to contact customers, just like email or phone. Out of 10, 8 times cases are resolved on the spot. You might be heard that quality customer service plays a crucial role in business. Customers are the key who spread the word about you and help to grow your customer base.

Many large and small businesses have been adding live chat SMS Plugin as a more flexible tool in order to solve queries, notifications, reminders to the website visitors.

Building customer trust via text messaging is a crucial step in any online store business.

Let’s see how different industries can utilize bulk SMS Live Chat plugin:-

Online Shopping Store-

You can reach out your best prospects via SMS. Many people take online advice from customer experts to make a purchase. You will get a lot of customers query on your live chat and it may be related to ordering delivery, return/exchange policies, report bug and more. Sometimes you are stuck with some technicalities on a backhand process so this is where you need to assist them properly via Text messaging.

You can provide best customer support via SMS on their mobile numbers. An online store owner can send a welcome message after he/she visited your company’s website, send promotional offers, discounts during sale time, and more. This way you can grow your audience by converting your customers to a useful SMS.

In case of order shipped, query send SMS like;

Your order for Dressberry Blue solid top has been shipped through courier logistics and will be delivered to you by 15 Feb 2018. The order tracking code is ML8954862.


We can take another example of ”educational universities” who can also utilize of SMS Plugin for Live Chat to send thousands of messages.

Many of the leading universities are using Live Chat option on their education website so that they can reach to new students and parents without any hassle. New students and interested parents want to know about your institute infrastructure, fees, achievements and much more facilities that help them to take admission. So, for such purposes, university management can help out future students via informative personalized SMS on their registered mobile numbers.

For example:

Dear Shubham, Thanx! For showcasing your interest in MBA (Media & Management) course. A candidate must pursue his/her bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass communication to enroll with us.

Moreover, this live chat SMS add-on has different advantages for enterprises who’re using Live Chat on their websites and applications. Contact us for more info at