Configure MsgClub Live Chat SMS Plugin Services In Easy Manner

MsgClub, India’s no.1 bulk SMS gateway provider offer an easy configuration of SMS services into Live Chat SMS Plugin. Live Chat is an online service used by several small and large organization for live support to all visitors. Many entrepreneurs use Live Chat as a single point of contact to manage customers queries and issues on the spot. Moreover, for some issues they need SMS services from provider to send thousands of messages, customize SMS for every recipient and more facilities.

So, we are here to complete your all requirements of text messaging to Live Chat users. Just in a simple way configure different services to take driven more traffic and sales.

1. Add contact to CRM- This is one of the best options to manage your company’s relationship with your new customers and potential customers. Simply add you’re all live chat visitors contact details like Name, Mobile No, Email Id into MsgClub phonebook to improve profitability via text SMS marketing.

2. Send SMS- We offer you to send simple SMS to all your contacts coming from webhook. However, we have different routes, flash service, and signature option on our SMS interface so that your message will directly create impact in the minds of customers.

3. Send Personalized SMS- You can give a personal touch to your prospective clients of Live Chat by offering best customer support and promotional offers in their hands only. As SMS marketing open rate is 97% so your SMS will get read within 3 minutes from its delivered time.

4. Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book- This feature of our bulk SMS Live Chat Plugin will let your task of uploading thousands of contacts in Phonebook easier than before. Along with this, you can send text messages to all recipients from the SMS panel itself. Every business marketer can simultaneously perform both activities at the same time.

5. Send Personalized SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book- Isn’t? It’s a great way to send unique information to each visitor of your website. Yes, of course, you can also add contact details in our Phonebook for a future purpose from the same window of this Live Chat configuration. Our powerful and reliable bulk SMS interface will automatically save your contacts in our system after your configuration.

So, what are you looking for? Take advantage of SMS marketing services in your businesses to enhance customer relationship more than online Live Chat support!

Contact us to get more innovative solutions of our company, MsgClub!

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