An Ultimate Guide to Solve DLT Error

You have done the Dlt registration after the complete process of registration, Take approved Sender ID from the operator , approved template, But Still Facing problems like failed sms, error to send sms, Content Mismatch in the template, template was rejected? Why are you worrying when your messaging buddy msgclub is here to assist you. To solve your issue we have added a new feature in Text SMS that is Smart Send SMS. This feature will help you to solve your problem at the time of sending SMS. In this blog We tell you what to do while sending the sms And which precautions you have taken when you send SMS. Let’s Begin!

What is Smart Send SMS?

“Smart Send SMS,” which helps in resolving your business’s issues. Sending templates without errors is made easier with Smart Send SMS. So, you just need to approve the Sender ID & Template which configuration will be done by your provider. The next step is to choose which clients you send SMS messages to. The approved content template that you have after that is not changeable; the only variables that you may modify are those that are countable up to 30 characters. You can use 30 characters which are shown on the side of the Variable box. Therefore, the “Smart Send SMS” Features don’t have the possibility of having mismatched templates.

Why is Smart Send SMS different from Send SMS?

In the Send SMS Feature after approval of the Template user can edit the content and variable it causes template mismatch error, etc. The Template you send it seems in Template mismatch and the send messages with customers cause wrong messages and it will waste your and money both.

In Smart Send SMS Feature after approval the template from the operator user cannot edit the content only can edit that variable and for variable There is option below the content to edit the variable with limits of 30 Characters this feature will give surety that user Template will not be mismatch and don’t have to face any error after the Template sent.

That’s Why Smart Send SMS is better than Send SMS.

When Msgclub Smart Send Feature is used in process?

Users can use Smart Send SMS when the user is facing a problem after the done of dlt process , sender ID approved by operator and template approve, but still facing template mismatch, having error in sending messages. To deal with these problems Msgclub added a New Feature in Text SMS. In Smart Send SMS msgclub has set a limit in variables and Template static in content that user cannot edit the template so there is no chance to make template mismatch and have to face any errors. In every step of the process msgclub provides you full support. And they have a dedicated Support team to help customers any time.


The “Smart Send SMS” feature from Msgclub is the best approach for your company to stay error-free. Businesses can save time and money with its help. “Msgclub Smart Send SMS” is easy to use and intuitive. Msgclub offers this feature, which is integrated into the service, to your company. There are no additional charges for this functionality. So, why are you waiting? Would you like to try these features? Connect with our team to learn more.

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