How Msgclub Smart Send SMS Will Benefit in Education Industry

Talk to parents and keep students on track with Msgclub Smart Send SMS feature to avoid Template mismatch in DLT for schools Msgclub has added a new feature in Text Send SMS that is Smart Send SMS feature for education that makes it easier for teachers to connect with parents and students without any hassles. …

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Smart Send SMS for Hotel & Restaurants

Dealing with a large number of customers on a daily basis is part of the restaurant and hotel business. Providing outstanding customer service is definitely one of the main objectives of any business that operates in the hospitality sector.  Any quality facility is expected to communicate availability, bookings, payments, and other information in a timely …

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Smart Send SMS for Healthcare Industry and Doctors

smart send sms

Don’t have time to check that your Dlt approved templates are sent to the right person or not? Don’t Worry Msgclub has a New feature in Text SMS that is Smart send SMS to solve user problems which are facing errors after Dlt Sender ID approved from operator and Template approved. One of the top …

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An Ultimate Guide to Solve DLT Error

You have done the Dlt registration after the complete process of registration, Take approved Sender ID from the operator , approved template, But Still Facing problems like failed sms, error to send sms, Content Mismatch in the template, template was rejected? Why are you worrying when your messaging buddy msgclub is here to assist you. …

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