Smart Send SMS for Healthcare Industry and Doctors

Don’t have time to check that your Dlt approved templates are sent to the right person or not? Don’t Worry Msgclub has a New feature in Text SMS that is Smart send SMS to solve user problems which are facing errors after Dlt Sender ID approved from operator and Template approved. One of the top companies in the field of bulk SMS is Msgclub. The business has steadily increased its market share over the years and has been offering outstanding services to its customers in the healthcare sector. We have seen that Doctors who are sending approved template SMS have taken the sender ID approved from the operator and template approved But they are still Facing Problems in template mismatch having errors. In this article, your messaging buddy msgclub will solve Your Dlt problem! Let’s Begin!

How does the Smart Send SMS feature help in the Healthcare Industry?

In Smart Send SMS Feature Msgclub has set a limit on variable characteristics that is 30. Users can only use the 30 Characters to change variables. After an approved Template from the operator, the user cannot edit the content that will be static. And for variables there after the Content there user can change the variables after variable option there will be shown how many characters user have used in the template. This feature Will help doctors avoid mistakes after DLT Templates are approved. To understand in better way Here are the some examples:

Examples on Smart Send SMS For Healthcare:

To use any template Firstly you have to take approval from the operator then after you can use.

Providing educational content: The Dlt template which is approved by the operator after you can send to your patients anytime with the msgclub platform. You can add variables before approval on link so that whenever you want to edit you can do but while sending sms to patients template the limit of Variables is 30 Characters including spaces you are given in variables and your content will be static in that user cannot change a single word in content  this feature cannot makes your template mismatch.


A well-balanced anti-inflammatory diet can effectively treat the majority of cases of gastritis at home. Visit [link] to learn more about foods to avoid and nutrients to include into your diet – [Hospital name]. 

Reminders to take medication: Timely medicine reminders can be extremely beneficial for individuals with chronic conditions, the elderly, or those receiving mental health care. Not all medications that must be taken on a regular basis require these reminders. On the other hand, you can use SMS texts to remind people to take their meds once or twice a week. 


Dear Patient, This is a reminder to take your medicine pill this weekend after having your meal. 
Many more benefits are there in using Smart Send SMS in Text SMS. Msgclub Platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Can msgclub provide 24/7 support? Yes, MSGCLUB “your Messaging Buddy” is available 24/7 to support customers. Our experts will guide you in the most straightforward manner and provide you with better solutions for dealing with your problems. And In this platform users can upload bulk DLTs in the SMS panel. So Why are you waiting ? To know more Contact us on 8359000164 or

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