Best and easy Bulk SMS PHP API for CRM Software

To Acquire new customers, to maximize profits and to increase the efficiency, CRM Software’s are used. These Software’s are very much helpful to understand consumer buying behavior and pattern.

In CRM software there are lots of activities & information that we want to share with our client like add new lead, send offers, send information if any changes are made in terms and condition or in case when any new feature is introduced. If we want to send any information on time with the best response from the client then we have to use send SMS API that makes your software more functional.

Why use Bulk SMS API in CRM?

To inform about new product and services, about offers and schemes, upcoming events, to invite, to promote, Send SMS from your CRM software via Bulk SMS API integration in a single click, through your CRM software.

Send SMS API,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Why use Scheduled Sending API in CRM?

To Send SMS to customers on particular date and time Integrate Send SMS API. So that you do not need to remember, our scheduled Send BULK SMS PHP API automatically shoots your SMS on set date and time, through your software.

           Use our Scheduled SMS Sending API in your CRM Software to send SMS on festivals, occasions, birthdays, anniversaries. So configure the scheduled SMS before time and SMS will automatically shoot on the fixed time you have decided.

Scheduled Sending API,9999999999&smsContentType=english&scheduleddate=26/08/2015 17:00   

Why use Get Balance in CRM?

Before sending SMS from CRM software, it is better to check Balance. Just do API Integration in CRM software and get account balance details before shooting/sending SMS. Say you want to send 10,000 SMS and you have amount available for 5,000 SMS then in this case before shooting SMS, a pop menu shows that “You have Insufficient Balance”.So this will help to get Balance info before performing any action.

Get Balance API

Why use Add Balance API in CRM?

To add balance API integration in CRM helps admin to add Balance in the user’s account. CRM software allows to directly Add Balance in your client’s account as Balance is must to send the SMS. So this Add Balance API is very useful.

Add Balance API

This is all about different API like Send SMS API, Scheduled Sending API, Get Balance API, Add Balance API.  For more details Contact us.